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    No, I’m not really looking for a professional dog trainer…But if the title caught your attention and you’ve taken a moment to read this…I’ll happily explain my reason for writing.
    I’m a mature, older gentleman, but yet a rookie when it comes to indulging in the adult delights that Sheri’s Ranch has to offer. As I’m looking into planning a visit to the ranch in April some questions came to mind…
    “Should I email some of the ladies beforehand or simply show up and ask for a lineup?”
    “Are there any ladies at Sheri’s that cater to older gentlemen”?
    “If I wanted to make it a longer visit such as spend the night…Do I need to reserve a room or suite”?
    “I’ve read the ranch offers transportation service to/from the airport…How far in advance must I make plans if I do use the service?”


    I believe that i am in your catagory so I will try to provide osme answers. Derpending on exatly what you want, I would email the ladies that appeal to you. Tell them exactly what you had in mind. There is a hotel but I do not know if you want a longer party of severa; spread out over a day or more? I would book your party and transportation at the same time, and far enough in advance so the lady of your choice will be able to accomodate you when you want to have your party.


    I agree 100% with Flint. You can email us and you may also come into the bar and chat with all the ladies if you dont want the pressure and intimidation of a line up. Sometimes you may miss a few in the bar so a line up does bring out some of us from hiding but you can always ask the hostess to speak to any ladies you had in mind. Staying at the hotel is a great idea whether you want to have a few parties or one longer one and need time to recover and its great weather to hang out by the pool! If you are able to rent a car it is not that far from Vegas and you can have the freedom to leave the ranch as you please if you are staying overnight at the hotel or if its not a possibility to drive our limo is very helpful. Most if not all ladies at the ranch do not discriminate, especially age so please dont let that hold you back from sharing time with the lady you want!

    Charina Lee

    Well hello Scandiablue! Normally a few hours notice on the limo service is all that is necessary. E-mailing the ladies ahead of time is a great option. We can explain a lot about Sheri’s with e mail but we are not allowed to negotiate prices in an e- mail. Also, consider taking the time to read our bios as well as our reviews. Many reviewers take the time to write much more than “had an amazing time”. Many reviews will provide you with some great insight into personalities, attitudes, etc.

    When you arrive, if you’ve zeroed in on a few of us, you can ask the hostess to introduce you to one of us so you can talk and relax and see if there is a connection. What Allissa said about lineups is true. Sometimes it gives you more options as many girls are in their rooms or working out or out in the pool.

    A lot of men and women have a good idea, and even a list, of the girls they want to meet and speak with at the bar. The hostess will assist you in making that happen. There’s been a few comments lately, about guys feeling pressured to say “yes” to one of us when they really want to be with someone else. But that pressure should not come from the girls. Remember, this is about YOU! So don’t be afraid to politely choose whom you really want to be with.

    Here’s how I look at it…Everyone is different in what they like. Some men like blonds, some like light skin, some like long hair or dark skin. Some love a woman’s eyes or lips…You know what I mean! If I’m not picked I don’t feel it’s personal. It’s your prerogative. Only YOU know what you want and desire and enjoy.

    The best news I can give you is that we have some of the greatest ladies in the world and we are all a little different. But the one thing we have in common is that we are here for YOU!!!!


    does the bar have a separate entrance or is it inside the ranch? and what are the costs of drinks (for me and for ladies) I ask because some places charge $4 for beer but if you buy one for lady its almost $10. and is the bar open all night?
    OK, I am sounding like a drunk… I do like to sit at a bar and relax and unwind and its true I do like a bit of liquid courage…. 🙂


    There are two entrances “The Sports Bar” Entrance which leads straight to the bar and “The Ladies” Entrance where you ring the doorbell the hostess answers and she can lead you to bar. Drinks are pretty good price and you get charged the same it just depends on what the lady orders. The bar is open 11 am to 3 am and no worries its good to relax a little 🙂


    Thank You!! To those of you that replied…I appreciate the feedback.

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