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    Thank you for the beautiful award which we will proudly showcase for all to see. The hard work and the team play by the ladies as well as the staff is reflected by winning B.O.Y.

    There are many houses and ladies that have worked just as hard and should be recognized as well for what they bring to the craft in this industry.

    I believe that the honor of receiving B.O.Y is testament to our dedication for excellent customer service. We are about sensuality, individualism, acceptance, compassion and family.

    By putting this banquet together and honoring the courtesans as well as the house’s that provide a safe and happy environment for said ladies to work out of, you are creating a challenge to all of us to strive to do better, and to better ourselves.

    Customers such as yourselves support the ladies and the houses that they work out of. Without your enthusiasm and loyalty we wouldn’t be where we are today.

    Thank you again,
    Dena aka RanchMama Dena



    Congratulations to all at SR! Thanks for all you do, and all you mean, to us!


    Congratulations Sheri’s Ranch BOY Winner 2012!

    Congratulations to Ranchmama Dena and all the Sheri’s Ranch Ladies (Destini, Alana, Alexis Ann, Allissa, Amber Lynn, Amy, Angelica Scott, Anna, Ansley, Ashlee, Athena, Baby Doll, Bianca Dash, Brandy Lynn, Brittney Ryder, Cassie, Char, Charina Lee, Cherry, Chloe, CiCi, Ellie, Emma, Eva Morales, Fabienne, Izabella, Jayla Diamond, Jody Rose Carrington, Joy, Juliet, Karli Brooks, Kat, Kate by Fate, Kim, Kimmy D, Kitty Cat, Lexxi, Logan Rose, Luv, Mandi Love, Michelle Lai, Montana, Natalia Perles, Olivia, Penny Hollaway, Phoenix Daniels, Red Diamonds, Riley, Sara, Savannah Secret, Scarlett, Suzanne, Tatyana, Tiffany Hilton and all the other Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans) for winning “Brothel of the Year” two years running 2011 & 2012!

    In addition, Congratulations to Sheri’s Ranch Hostesses, Bartenders, Webmaster, Keymasters, Security Personnel, Management Staff, Office Staff, Kitchen Staff, Housekeepers, Groundskeepers, Laundry Staff, Pool and Hot Tub Technicians, Maintenance Staff, Limo Drivers, Brothel Owner Chuck Lee and all other support staffs for their roles in assisting Sheri’s Ranch win “Brothel of the Year” for 2011 and 2012!

    Congratulations Destini COY Winner 2012!

    Congratulations Destini for winning “Courtesan of the Year” 2012!
    Dear Sweet Destini, you really deserve the honor of “Courtesan of the Year” 2012!


    Congratulations I now can not wait for my visit and I am looking forward to it and Ranchmama Dena I will have a little something for you


    Huge congrats to everyone involved!

    Kimmy D

    Congrats Destini!


    Congrats Destini and congrats to us! We da bomb baby 🙂


    A well deserved honor, indeed!! Congrats to all of the lovely ladies and to Sheri’s Ranch as a whole!! 🙂

    Side Note: “Team play”…it does have a nice ring to it!! 🙂 😉


    The award is gorgeous but Destini is more so


    Congratulations to all the beautiful ladies and the hardworking staff. I appreciate all that you do to keep this industry alive. Here at Sheri’s, work becomes passion and for it to be acknowledged not only brings recognition but appreciation. It validates that we are important in the roles that we foster with high quality courtesans; together we provide a professional working environment where business and pleasure can be foster with respect.

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    tessa rae

    Congratulations!So happy to see hard work being recognized. Everyone at Sheri’s puts a lot of dedication and hard work to achieve the highest expectation for quality customer service. It is definitely an honor to receive such achievement.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tessa_Raes
    Email: tessarae@sherisranch.com
    Available through 8/18


    Congratulations Destini

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