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    My wife and I went to Sheri’s 2 years ago and the woman we met worked with our budget and we ended up with 30 minutes and it was great for us. That was our first and only time at a brothel.

    I know you don’t talk prices, but I am bringing this up because we went to a place up north and had to make a deposit upfront to find out that she would not go under 2 hours and the price on that was far beyond what we expected . But only having one previous experience at Sheri’s did not exactly educate us on the issue real well.

    To be clear, I was OK that she would not go under two hours and enjoyed meeting and talking to her actually. But what she was asking for was just too beyond what we could do.

    But we are looking for a 30 minute to one hour time. Is that still doable at Sheri’s?

    Are we wasting our time coming in a negotiating a quicker 30 minute time?

    Thank you


    Sure you can negotiate a 30 minute to an hour party, mine are an hour. I cannot speak to place I have not visited.
    I would go for the hour party as to not feel rushed with three people.


    Only going from what I have read around, since the ladies are considered independent contractors really, they can charge what they want for services offered. However I have read that some establishments do make you put down a deposit if you make an appointment. I guess that is to possibly cover them in case a party doesn’t happen? But that I think is the decision of the establishment.

    However I am sure that you could negotiate for that kind of party. And if you can’t maybe step away and talk with someone else.

    Recently read something from someone saying that they were pressured into a party when they visited Sheri’s I think it was and was thinking, well, unless they threatened you or something, you can always walk away.


    I never had to put down a deposit at Sheri’s

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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