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    The Ashlee Adventure

    When going back to Sheri’s ranch this year, I had but one lady on my mind that I wanted to meet, her name is Ashlee. I noticed her fairly early on during the week but either she was with someone or I was a little too bashful to approach her. It was actually Cronos that broke the ice a little and set up a chance for me to talk with her. It took her a moment to realize I had been e-mailing her via the Sheri’s site for a number of months. Once Ashlee knew who I was it was all down-hill from there, she asked about how things were going, held my hands in hers, and we started catching up and talking about all the things that had transpired between us in the e-mails. I think we must have talked for about ½ an hour or so without breaking eye contact. Looking into her eyes is a very warming experience; she has very nice and special eyes. Ashlee found out I was going to have a massage the following morning so she indicated that she would like to have one and we discussed doing a couples massage the following morning in spa. Thankfully the spa specialist was willing to work with us to fit us in for that. Since it’s by appointment I feel I got a bit lucky on that.

    Now, I had never had a massage in my life prior to this one let alone with a lady so I was about to be on cloud 9. The massage therapist started with Ashlee and while everything was covered by towels I got to watch while the therapist massaged and relaxed Ashlee’s muscles, the music was smooth and the aroma was relaxing. When Ashlee’s massage was finished, she got dressed and left as she had other things she needed to do and then the therapist started on my massage, to make a long story short, it was a great time and I felt 300 times newer and fresher.

    The next day, I went to the bar around noon and saw Ashlee peak in and out from the back a couple of times. So I waited a little and, in a bit, asked if she was available to talk to. A call was made and I was told she’d be ready in about 15 min, ½ hour. I stayed in the bar during that time and had a couple of drinks til she showed up and we went to a booth to talk for a little leading to the anticipated walk to her room. Oddly by this time, I wasn’t sure what type of party I wanted to book her for and we would be back there shortly. I think she sensed this and tried to relax me a bit. Once in her room, we negotiated the price and then what we wanted to have happen, she did the DC and it was off to the office. She took me with to the office which I think was really smart because it alleviated the need for her to make the walk twice and I knew exactly how my card and information was handled.

    We made the walk back to her room, Ashlee put on a little music, adjusted the lighting, began to disrobe… she was as breathtaking as I thought she would be… she treated me extremely well and the experience was fabulous!!! Ashlee managed something for me that I had never experienced before and I am looking forward to making a return trip to meet her again. I definitely have an idea what party I’d like to have with her if it works out and I am able to.

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