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    Jack Daniel

    Last month I spent the better part of a week at the Ranch spending time with Izabella. Some of the parties are noted in the reviews and the remainder will be reviewed this week. It was a wonderful time and it inspired me to come up with the following.

    Ode to Izabella

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    Izabella is the best.
    I sure ain’t lying to you.

    I’m not a very cunning linguist,
    But for Izabella I will try.
    The problem of speaking about her charms
    Is they are impossible to quantify.

    You can say lots of things about Izzy,
    But you can never say she is wack.
    You can have fun with her all sorts of ways.
    She is definitely a crackerjack.

    Whatever you want or need,
    That is what she’s got.
    And by the way did I mention?
    Izabella is hot, Hot, HOT!

    She is a teaser and a pleaser
    Who knows how to rock those curves.
    If you get to party with Izabella,
    You’ll be doing way better than you deserve.

    Izabella is the real girl next door.
    She isn’t acting a part.
    But you need to be on your guard.
    Before you know it, she will steal your heart.

    Playing with Izzy is so much fun.
    She is very rambunctious, never a slacker.
    But you gotta be careful playing with fire.
    Izabella is one red hot firecracker.

    If you are lucky enough to know Izzy,
    Then you are lucky enough.
    If you don’t make the effort –
    Your loss, too bad, your luck is tough.

    It helps to have energy when with her.
    She will definitely make you feel randy.
    There are lots of beautiful ladies at the Ranch.
    But admit it, Izabella is the best eye candy.

    Some people may have the wrong impression.
    She isn’t a Princess. She’s not Snow White.
    When you spend time with Izabella,
    You get to bask in the Queen’s limelight.

    Izabella is a real wild child.
    About that there is no doubt.
    If you spend some quality time with her,
    She will really wear you out.

    She is sweet, cute, and funny.
    Izabella is quite a cool chick.
    It’s always fun spending time with her,
    Even when it is just platonic.

    She is a 100% good old girl.
    Ask her about the Rally.
    She takes names and kicks ass with the best of them.
    Izabella is right up my alley.

    When you find yourself at the Ranch,
    You won’t find a better girl.
    If you are looking for a great time,
    You should give Izabella a whirl.

    Guys, this isn’t a bit hard at all.
    It’s really plain and simple to see.
    When you treat Izzy like the lady she is,
    She will treat you like the man you want to be.

    Please don’t hassle Izabella,
    Or she might have to show you her sign.
    Comport yourself like a gentleman.
    Don’t act asinine.

    Izabella is always chill.
    And she has a very nice grill.
    Partying with her is really a thrill.
    Just make sure your pickle is sweet, not dill.

    For a great time take Izzy and a friend to a bungalow.
    They might even fight with their dildos.
    A threesome with Izzy is always primo.
    Just don’t trash the place like a psycho.

    I’ll close with a big shout out to RanchMama Dena.
    Despite all our shenanigans, she is always cool.
    Sometimes Izzy and I push her close to the limit,
    But we don’t go over — not that big of a fool.

    Thank you Dena for what you do.
    Thanks for letting Izzy be Izzy.
    It’s an awful lot of fun coming to the Ranch.
    But I always leave weak, tired, and dizzy.

    Thanks Izzy!!!!!

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