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    After taking a pretty bad beating at the Poker Table I had limited funds. Knew I didn’t have enough for Sheris so I thought I would try one the escort services that was advertising low prices. I only had enough for their advertised price and an average tip. Contact them for info on how it works but they don’t give me any. They just tell me the girl will come to my room in 20 minutes. I say ok. Then they quote me a price above the advertised price. I tell them not to send the girl since I will be wasting her time. They say she will work with you and we are sending her anyhow. Then she gets to my room and she is gorgeous. Anyway she wants $100 up front just to cover the agency’s referral fee. When we realize that she can’t work in my budget, she stills wants $100. Refused to pay since I told the agency not to send her. I refused to pay the referral fee and she left in a huff. Felt bad but I still think it was the agency’s fault for false advertising and ignoring me when I told them I would be wasting her time.


    I would not say that was a very wise move, as prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas and I have heard that the law enforcement there loves to run sting operations to catch people. Not worth the risk to me. I personally would have, a) stayed away from the poker table until after I visited Sheri’s, (actually, I stayed away from Las Vegas completely, going direct from the airport to Sheri’s on my visit, then went from Sheri’s to Vegas for a few days), or b) went to a different brothel where prices might be less, or c)considered it a lesson learned and started planning an saving for my next trip, when I would make sure to go to Sheri’s because they are the best. But that is just my opinion, to each his own.

    Amber Lynn

    Well stated @Kane! When visiting Vegas, and feeling a bit naughty…your best bet is to make the trip out to Sheri’s and play in a legal and safe environment!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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