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    Trip Report January 2012
    Once again, for this trip report I’ll start with encounters and tidbits with the various ladies which were present on my January 2012 trip to Sheri’s Ranch for those readers who will only be interested in this part of the review. Since this is the second time for many of them in a review of mine and since I included ones that I haven’t even spoken with, there will be a range of type of information included with an intention to keep each reasonably short. Also, they are arranged alphabetically for various reasons:
    The Ladies:
    Alexis Ann – The very first lady I got to meet after checking into Sheri’s hotel this trip. I had met her before and wanted to take her for a party this trip. It took me awhile to get up the nerve to take her back to her room but, once I did, it was very well worth the wait and the time. Look for her review under Alexis Ann – In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night…

    Amber Lynn – I can definitely say I noticed this fine looking lady many times at the table in the stage corner of Sheri’s bar but never went over to talk with her.

    Anna – Since the first time I met Anna, I have been a little nervous around her and that was no different the first couple of times I saw her on this trip. However, toward the end of my stay this time, I had a very nice time playing billiards and a game with her, Ansley, and a guy named Jimmy. Anna is a very cute and fun lady.

    Ansley – I’ve seen Ansley around on a few of my trips but always steered clear of her from some personal feeling I can’t really explain. I thought it was cute when she came up to my table one morning after I had requested a lady with a similar name asking if I had requested her. We quickly realized the miss-communication that had happened and she moved on. She was looking very nice too that morning with the black dress she was wearing and her blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. I’ve always thought Ansley was attractive; I just never took the time to approach her. Then on the last night of my trip, I had a fabulous time playing billiards with her, Anna, and a guy named Jimmy. That night ended with a very tough decision for me… perhaps next trip will yield a different result? Time will tell.

    Ashlee – I had planned this trip mainly around Ashlee’s schedule, which makes it odd that I didn’t talk to her until the 5th day into my trip. Ashlee has always been one of my favorite Sheri’s ladies and, while I did not party with her this trip, I have included a review involving her under Ashlee – The Morning of Gifts.

    Bailey – Is a very fine, attractive, intelligent, attentive, fun-loving Black woman who I took the pleasure of having a party with on this trip. Look for it under Bailey – A Sensual Party

    Brittney Ryder – I received my introduction to Brittney when Alexis Ann invited me over to a table where Michele, Alexis, and she were sitting. The four of us talked for awhile and my attention, or rather my eyes, kept drifting over toward Brittney whose sparkling brown eyes and fine smile were ever so gradually capturing my interest. As she noticed and I mentioned something to this extent, Brittney would show a little quieted laugh or giggle, which I really believe should be illegalized before she gets some guy arrested by her charm, personality, and beauty.

    Celise – Celise caught my eye very early on when she came over to talk to some ladies at a table near where I was sitting. Didn’t take long for me to realize I would be looking for an opportunity to talk with her. I ended up having a party with her; look for that review under Celise – A Native American Touch

    Chloe – I noticed Chloe just after arriving at Sheri’s and taking a seat at the bar. She was off to the right side of the bar and looking rather fine with her dark curly hair, beautiful eyes and tattoos. Toward the end of the trip I also had a brief chance to talk with her as she came over to talk with Gabriella who was right beside me at the time.

    Destini – Upon opening the door to Sheri’s Sports bar I couldn’t have been welcomed by a more friendly face than that of Destini whom I had, of course, met before. I looked over, saw her at the table by the front door as I entered and said Hi Des. She popped up and welcomed me right back to Sheri’s!

    Fabienne– In the past, I didn’t feel like Fabienne and I had a very good connection but, after something which happened this trip, I noticed a beautiful smile from her and a nice glow about her. She is a very attractive woman and I’m glad to see her in this light now that I had a better chance to relax like I have never relaxed before on this trip.

    Gabriella – It was great to see Gabriella again and catch up with her. She showed me a few more pictures of her babies (dogs) and drawings of the house she is looking to have. Gabriella has always been a pleasure for me to talk with.

    Heather Star – I noticed Heather toward the beginning of my trip. She seems to be a fairly quiet lady that I didn’t get a chance to speak with.

    Joy – Joy stopped by one morning and we spoke for a spell. We learned a few things about each other and I started considering the possibly of a party with her, perhaps on an upcoming trip.

    JR Carrington – Noticed her around a couple of times and she looked to be doing well and staying busy. I had met JR before so I took the time to talk with a few others that I hadn’t spoken with before.

    Karli Brooks – I managed to catch up with this little cutie on the Morning of Gifts and showed her the Sheri’s Ranch Holiday Girls Brothel Coin I had brought with me which featured her. Karli knew about these coins but was never able to find one to add to her personal collection of items that feature her. I was able to provide her with information as to where to find these coins for sale so that she would be able to get one for her collection. She was tickled pink to have the information and was filled with joy to be able to help her in this endeavor.

    Kat– Kat is such the loveable presence at Sheri’s Ranch; she stopped over to chat a few times and would always be her glowing self.

    Kristine – I remember Kristine coming into the bar one night to shoot pool with a customer and thinking do I know who that is? Is that a customer, maybe I should stop looking? I must have looked away a couple of times and looked back again, after about three times I realized it was Kristine and that she had changed her hair. She was looking fabulous as always.

    Logan – Seeing as Logan is a very close friend to Ashlee, it’s interesting to note that I never really introduced myself to her. She is a very attractive woman but, I’ve just never introduced myself.

    Michele Lai – It was good to get another chance to meet Michele. It seems she and Alexis get along pretty well and I was able to spend some time with her through Alexis. It was a little tough at first but much better after I had been back to Alexis’ room and in the company of three very fine woman that being Alexis, Michele, and Olivia on one occasion and Alexis, Michele and Brittney on another occasion.

    Olivia – A very attractive young blonde lady whom I’ve only just met this trip again thanks to Alexis Ann. Olivia is very cute when she is talking and I’m glad to have had the chance to see her on this trip.

    Red Diamonds – I usually noticed Red Diamonds over by the billiards table shooting pool when she was in the bar. One hell of a player, I saw her make some very nice shots and even saw her and a customer up the ante by having to bank the eight ball in to win the game, no straight on shots allowed.

    Riley – Was her usual nice and warm person with a beautiful smile. It was unusual at one point to see her without Destini since Des had gone home a little earlier to take care of some things.

    Trophy – Trophy was also off to the right side of the bar when I first arrived at Sheri’s Sports bar this trip. Never really took the chance to go over and say hello.

    Things I’ve learned both from this trip and previous ones:
    • While talking with the ladies over forum e-mail is a nice way to break the ice early, don’t promise a lady a party over forum e-mail, keep your options open, you never know how things are going to go until you are there in person with the ladies.
    • No matter how many ladies you think you are going to like, there will always be another.
    • Even if you think a lady is going to be out of your price range, you never know until you actually take her back to her room and negotiate.
    • Sure, the ladies can walk you if you don’t meet their price but, at the same time, if you can’t reach an agreement on a price for a party that works for you, you can walk them as well.
    • There will always be at least one or more ladies I didn’t party with on a given trip but didn’t. Many times I keep these ladies in mind for upcoming trips. For this most recent trip it was Brittney Ryder and Ansley.

    Highlights of the Days:

    Day 1 Tuesday –
    • Being picked up and dropped off at the airport by my close friend and Brother Dex, it was a bittersweet moment as I would have much preferred to be making the trip with him rather than having him drop me off.
    • A very thankful uneventful flight complete with short but very manageable layovers.
    • Being picked up by my close friend and Brother Deadpool at the Las Vegas airport.
    • Being greeted by Destini at Sheri’s Ranch.
    • The Zengo run, I’m guessing soon to be a tradition.
    • Ashlee’s hello and the fine blue dress she was wearing.
    • Meeting Alexis and Bailey.
    Day 2 Wednesday –
    • Starting to read “Madam” by Lora Shaner and getting half way through.
    • Destini’s morning greeting.
    • The Party with Alexis Ann.
    • Sitting and talking with Alexis, Michele, and Brittney Ryder.
    • Meeting Celise
    Day 3 Thursday –
    • Continuing to read “Madam” by Lora Shaner and almost finishing.
    • Destini’s morning greeting.
    • The Party with Celise
    Day 4 Friday –
    • Joy’s morning conversation.
    • Finishing “Madam” by Lora Shaner.
    • The Party with Bailey.
    • Deadpool’s return for the weekend.
    • Eating the Shrimp Alfredo at Sheri’s Sports bar.
    • Teaching and Playing the X-Men board games with Deadpool.
    Day 5 Saturday –
    • Meeting with Ashlee and Karli Brooks in the morning, giving Ashlee a Butterfly necklace, telling Ashlee and Karli about the 2005 Sheri’s Ranch Holiday Girls Brothel Coins that feature them, and having both ladies sign a Halloween picture which was taken by Kristine.
    • Running into Pahrump for a few items for Gabriella, Ashlee, and myself.
    • Going to see X-Burlesque at the Flamingo, a topless show.
    • Getting a picture with the X-Burlesque ladies Megan and Shakira.
    • Playing X-Men board games with Deadpool.
    Day 6 Sunday –
    • Writing party reviews and having some of the ladies read them.
    • Going to see former bartender Jaynie at her new job.
    • Playing games with Deadpool.
    • Talking with Karli Brooks about Brothel coins and books in the sports bar.
    • Saying goodbye to Brittney Ryder and Celise and the hugs that went with them.
    • Finding a Wi-Fi connection and posting a couple of things on Facebook and checking a few things out.
    Day 7 Monday –
    • Typing up the party and trip reviews so they will be ready to post when I return home.
    • Meeting and talking for a tad bit with Chloe
    • Playing Billiards and other games with Anna and Ansley.
    • Closing the night out with Anna and Ansley in the sports bar.
    Day 8 Tuesday –
    • Deadpool’s return to Sheri’s Ranch.
    • The return trip home which too was rather uneventful.

    The Thank You:
    I would like to once again thank Dena – House Manager, Alethea – Shift Manager, Victoria – Shift Manager, Jane – Shift Manager, Carol – Shift Manager, Nancy and Vickie in the office, Suane, Marci, and Vanessa – The Bartenders, The Kitchen Staff, The IT Staff, The Maintenance Staff, The Housekeeping Staff, All of Sheri’s ladies, and anyone else I may have missed that were involved in making my stay an enjoyable and fun vacation. On this particular trip, I would like to thanks Alethea first and foremost as she was my main go to person.

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