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    Trip Review 2016

    I think for this 2016 Trip Review, it will be a bit less all encompassing than in past years, hitting the highlights:

    The 2016 trip to Nevada started as any other with someone taking me to the airport on a Friday in March. Check in was a piece of cake, the layover in Detroit was smooth, and the pick up in Las Vegas was perfectly timed to use the passenger pick up lane. While uneventful, what was different was the fact that my body now tired from taking the flight. I started to notice that change last trip already.

    I spent the first two days catching up with Deadpool, my friend from Vegas who had picked me up at the airport. We spent time watching Daredevil and Fuller House on Netflix, a service I do not get back home. We also went to Sam’s Town and caught the animated water and animal show as well as Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur Hotel, a show I had passed on seeing in the past but was really glad to see on this trip.

    Sunday night we drove up to Sheri’s Ranch where I checked into a Hotel Room and went to the bar to hang with Deadpool for a bit before he would return home to Vegas. We ordered a pair of Cokes and were approached by a number of the ladies as is fairly normal. These included Blithe and Lacy as a pair, Izabella, and Suzanne and Michelle as a pair. It was a nice start to being back. We also had a chance to catch up with Destini, beautiful as ever. The wheels had started to turn, but this trip was different in that I had very few plans and wasn’t sure if I would even party. Sure, I had ideas, but not much more. And, as typical, my shyness had resurfaced and my projection of lack of approachability had resurfaced right along with it.

    Monday, I found myself up early apparently still being more on East Coast time than Pacific Standard Time. I took advantage of the morning to read a book I had wanted to read for some time. It was an easy read, large print, blank page chapter breaks, about 250 pages and I would find myself reading it about 5 times that day causing me to finish it the same day I had started it. I was really starting to feel relaxed by just being away from my job, my home, and my home state… and with a cell phone which service was very limiting… it was forcing me to take a much needed break. I also caught up with and spoke with Dena about a little after dinner that day; it was fantastic to see her again. Later that night I had the grand time of playing Cards Against Humanity for the time as introduced to me and one of the locals by Angel Parr and Lacy Love. Kim joined us a bit later that night. I enjoyed the company of all but especially Angel who reminded me of the perfect lady to role play DC Comic character Harley Quinn. I also got to know Lacy a little better and I have a special feeling for her. But alas I would go back to my room not taking a party that day.

    Tuesday morning I woke a bit later than the previous day and having learned girls had canceled, which would be arriving later in the week, and which were arriving right on schedule, I decided that day I would ask for Ellie and hope to fulfill a fantasy of having her dress as Zatanna of the DC Comic Universe, a costume I had brought along on the trip. It was sometime between 11:00 am and Noon when I asked for her. I was told she would come out in about 5 minutes so I waited in a booth. It wasn’t very long when Ellie appeared through the curtains and sat down. The bar tender asked if we wanted anything to drink, I assured Ellie I would cover it, but she declined as did I. I showed her a pair of stock photos of Zatanna and asked if it would be something she would wear. She indicated of course as long as it was new and not previously worn. I assured her it is brand new in package; I never reuse a costume with another lady after it has been worn. Once I provide a costume to a lady, it is always theirs to keep. We went back to her room to negotiate which took a little time but was very relaxed and comfortable with Ellie. We came to an agreement, she performed the DC, and then we went to the office for the business end.
    Back in Ellie’s room, she got undressed so she could put the costume on. Ellie is gorgeous and shaped fantastic. After she had the costume on, we played for a bit, I got undressed and a little while later she undressed. We had a chance to unwind at the end. It was a fantastic time.

    I made my daily dinner appearance in the bar that night and hung out for a bit, headed back to the hotel around 7:00pm and ended up watching Supergirl after which my body said… you are turning in for the night.

    Wednesday I was up a little earlier again, had breakfast in my room, and went to the bar where I found another early riser, Destini, giving us a chance to do a little more catch up. I don’t remember much of this day other than I hung out in the bar, mostly by myself, and relaxed in the bar, outside, and in the hotel room. Had the daily dinner at the bar during at one point I asked Destini who one of the 5 ladies was at the other end of the bar as I didn’t know one of them. Destini wasn’t sure which I meant so she named all 5 which covered what I needed to know. It wasn’t much later and I headed back to my room to catch Survivor and turned in.

    Thursday I again found myself up early, breakfast in my room and meeting Destini in the bar in the morning. I thanked Destini for her help the previous day and mentioned that it was Natalia Diaz that I did not know but would like to at least meet at a later time. Around Noon I headed back to my room to get a light lunch and then headed out to the bar to see if I could fulfill my desire for a NURU party. Over the past few days Izabella had caught both my eye and my interest so I went to Paula, the shift manager and asked about Izabella because I knew she was around but not in the bar at the moment. Paula thought that Izabella was having lunch but she would be able to go say something to her… I declined for the moment. I saw Red Diamonds in the middle of the bar and asked her to a game of billiards. Red was a little under the weather but agreed to one game. We were both rusty at our games; Red won the game when I scratched the cue ball while trying to sink the eight ball. Red indicated that was good for now, she wasn’t feeling 100% but that we should do another game or two later for a best two of three.

    I went to ask Paula about Izabella again who was now ready so I sat briefly in a booth until Izabella got there and sat down. I had just two questions:

    1) Had she ever done a NURU party – she replied no, but she knew what to do.
    2) Did she have any interest in a NURU party – she replied that indeed she would.

    I said then I believe we need to take a trip to her room.

    Arriving at her room, we went inside, Izabella notified the office as normal procedure and I told her what I would like to do. Izabella was very sweet and easy to talk with. She agreed to the party, performed the DC, and we went to the office to do the business end. Izabella and I went back to the NURU room, where she turned on the shower and asked me to shower while she went to get the NURU supplies, towels, and necessities for the party. When Izabella returned she got her shower and we were now ready for the NURU party. Apparently Kim had a hand in teaching Izabella and had made a suggestion to Izabella, both which must have been excellent as the NURU party was very effective, quite relaxing, extremely refreshing, and a bit breathtaking. We showered afterwards to remove the remaining NURU from our bodies, got dressed, and went back to the lobby for the after-party interview with the Shift Manager. I returned to my hotel room for a final clean up so I could return to the bar for dinner which wasn’t that far away.

    As I sat at the bar for dinner that night, Destini saw Natalia passing by, got her attention and introduced her to me. Natalia came out briefly but saw that I was about to get dinner (house policy indicates that they leave you alone while you eat) so she excused herself and indicated she would be back after I finished. After finishing dinner, Natalia did come back and we spoke for a decent amount of time that I lost track of. I found Natalia to be an extremely attractive Latin woman of Venezuelan and Costa Rican descent who had been born and raised in Texas. She asked about what I like to do and I remember the conversation going in the direction of cooking. I ended up mentioning a couple of things that I know how to make including Pot Pie but had to explain not like the ones you buy in the store in a tin. She said with chicken and I indicated that you can use chicken but you can use any meat you wish including beef or ham and that I usually use ham. I’ll start by boiling some potatoes on the stove and preparing the meat in a crock pot, mixing the dough in a bowl using flour, eggs, salt, butter, water: kneading it together. The dough then gets placed on a bake board, rolled out, and cut into squares with a pizza cutter. The broth from the meat is added to the pot of cooking potatoes, the meat is cut and dropped in, and the dough squares are added to the boiling water. Keep stirring it at intervals to mix and keep from sticking to the bottom of the pot. She seemed interested in this and indicated that she likes to make her own things to eat while she is at the ranch. Apparently in addition to her Latin background, she is a Texas woman that can be taken out of Texas, but Texas can’t be taken out of the woman. She also looks fantastic in a pair of jean shorts, something I would see that coming Saturday before I would leave.

    When Natalia left I then noticed Kim to be the next seat over and engaged Kim in a conversation. This also afforded me the chance to thank her for the NURU training she had provided to Izabella and the recommendation she made to Izabella just before that party. Kim is of Thai descent and she asked me if I liked Thai food? I mentioned that there was a restaurant back home that is a mix of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai choices but that I had not yet tried the Thai part of the menu. She asked if I like spicy stuff to which I made that wavy hand gesture indicating and saying somewhat. To which she translated as basically no. Truth is I used to think I liked spicy because when I was young, I liked it the best in my family. That is until I got out into the real world and was introduced to more spicy foods than I had been aware of. Kim seemed to recognize where I was coming from with this statement. Three things I was really stricken by with Kim are her beautiful eyes and face, and her calm soothing demeanor. I was to have taken the time to speak with her and get to know her better.

    Over the next few hours, another customer and a local came in and sat where Kim had been. Both engaged in conversation, the 1st was very interesting to speak with before he left. The 2nd was a bit inebriated but a decent pair of guys. Toward the end of the night, perhaps Destini felt I could use a hand, perhaps she just wanted to say goodnight, but she came over and flirted a bit before pulling me aside and saying goodnight. At this point it seemed like a good time to turn in as well so I looked for Izabella and said goodnight to her as well and it was off to the hotel room. That night would prove interesting as thoughts of Natalia, Lacy, Izabella, Angel, and Erin would stay present with me throughout the night and weather there would be one more party before I left or if the two parties I had was going to be it?

    Friday morning I woke quite late. I had breakfast in my hotel, took a short walk, and came back to the room. I turned on “Little House on the Prairie” in the background and decided to begin writing this review. It was a two part episode with Shannon Doherty, which I found particularly interested since Destini and I had been talking about Charmed one morning. It was a few minutes before dinner as I get to this part, looks like I will heading to the bar and see how the rest of this unfolds.

    After dinner, I went to talk with Angel Parr in a booth after purchasing a drink. The topics of conversation included what I do for business and some of the things she has going business wise and thoughts she has for another business. My collecting habits including autographs and the time I worked staff security for a Science – Fiction convention. During that convention, Kenny Baker, R2D2 of Star Wars, was in need of a handler to sit with him and take money for the autographs he was signing. In turn he asked me which photo I liked, picked it up and signed it for me to keep. I also told Angel the legendary midget stripper story from my friends and I one time back home.

    Once I caught up with Angel, I looked around and noticed Blithe, Lacy, and Natalia together so I purchased drinks for them and sat down to talk with them. Natalia ended up moving to avoid the cue stick being used at the billiards table behind her and the conversation drifted toward horror movies with Blithe. I’ll have to ask her again which ones she said were her favorites as they are titles I did not recognize or remember but would be interested in checking out. So if you like horror movies; Blithe is a good choice to talk with.

    At this point Cronos who had shown up that morning was sitting in a booth waiting to talk with Ellie and asked me over. So we started to play catch up when Ellie arrived who recognized me from earlier in the week. The three of us chatted for a bit, mostly about Wi-Fi, the forum, Cronos’ potential party, etc. When it was just Cronos and I, we spoke a little about photographer Scott Church that Dex had just met, Josie, one of Scott’s students I was working something out with and Savannah, one of the models.

    Cronos learned that I wanted to speak with Erin so he went to ask for her to join us. I asked her where she currently resides and it is near Vegas so I asked her if there are any Vegas shows she likes or recommends. Erin indicated that the shows Absinthe at Caesars and Ka at MGM would be two of her picks and spoke a little about each. I had seen Ka once already so I knew about that one but Absinthe was new to me. I found out that Erin is a Sci-Fi geek among other things and has a Deadpool dress and R2D2 dress. Apparently she also likes Harley Quinn. She was extremely quickly catching my attention on a multitude of levels. It also came up about the skills I have with a bullwhip largely due to my interest in the Indiana Jones movies, a costume that I searched out the parts for at places like US Wings, LL Bean, Miller Hats, etc. to achieve a really screen accurate costume that ran me 4 figures until I had everything pieced together. Erin is a red haired, former USMC lady and I definitely hope to see her again on my next trip.

    About a half hour or so later while I was chilling at the bar, Red Diamonds asked if I would like to sit and talk. It was a great opportunity to get to know Red better. She also asked what I like to do for fun. Like a number of the other ladies I spoke with, I indicated that many weekends are spent with my brother coming over to play video games, mostly wrestling and NBA Jam, board games, and watch movies, and I would either make lunch and dinner or we would order something once in awhile. Red also has a PlayStation and Xbox and enjoys Final Fantasy. We go on the subject that I love, Indiana Jones, and that my dad has woodland properties that since my mother passed, I have been checking out with him. There is an irony that I also have a fear of snakes and do not know how I would react if I encountered a rattler in the woods. I know you should back away, but have not had an encounter yet. I watched the 1st season of Naked and Afraid to which I found Red enjoyed watching the show as well. This lead to a conversation about snakes in Nevada and also to my encounters with bees which I am neither afraid of nor allergic to but, if I recall correctly, Red is allergic to. I have been strung by a single bumblebee or yellow jacket on about 4 separate occasions but was stung by the entire nest of yellow jackets on one occasion that did scare me but did not lead to the need for any medical treatment.

    Saturday, as I finished packing to return to Vegas with Deadpool, I reminisced about my stay and time at Sheri’s this trip. It was a light trip but it needed to be due to all the financial things I needed to take care of in the past year. It was also a vey relaxing trip as it was intended to be. I learned a lot as I usually do. Checking out of the hotel at the office, I made way into the sports bar and met Destini to say goodbye. About this time Deadpool had walked in and over to Destini as well. We took a moment with her and headed toward the door where I noticed Karli in a booth and said my goodbyes to her as well. I noticed Izabella sitting at the table by the door who immediately threw up her hand so I went over to say goodbye to her as well. It was a wonderful feeling. Turning to walk out the door, I heard a series of goodbyes and one voice stood out above the rest. It was Erin’s voice; I turned and locked eyes with hers for a moment as I said goodbye to her and the others.

    That night Deadpool and I drove to the Hard Rock Hotel and had a peanut butter/fudge pie shake that was to die for and then to see a Def Leppard tribute band, Pyrosteria, scheduled to be playing at the hotel that night for free. The band played beautifully, the audience was well engaged, singing and dancing along. Deadpool and I went to his place and hung out for a few hours before turning in.

    Sunday and Monday, I relaxed with Deadpool, watching Daredevil and Fuller House episodes on Netflix.

    Tuesday, the flights home turned out pretty well. Which is a relief since the flights are the thing I most dread about these trips any more.

    I would like to extend a very special thanks to all involved – Sheri’s Managers, Office Personal, Bartenders, Tech Staff, Kitchen Staff, Cleaning Staff, and anyone else involved in tending after Sheri’s and adding to the pleasure of making a trip there.

    the 3rd degree

    I just want to say it’s always a pleasure to see you reviews in what I call “The Lion’s Den” once again. I remember all those times when you, Chronos, Dex & Deadpool write about your times at Sheri’s, through the old forum & new. It’s one of the reasons I took the jump into the Sheri’s pool a long time ago.

    Thanks for the review & I wish nothing the best for you. Hope things turn around, so you can experience Sheri’s properly…like wide awake.

    still toiling away from up north,

    The 3rd Degree


    stripe, good detailed review.


    Hey I got a name drop!

    Stripe, good to hear you had a good time, my friend. It reminds me that I need to get out there soon because I miss the place!


    Angel Parr

    It was great to have you around for a bit Stripe!


    I wiah i had the resources for an extended visit to the Ranch.


    It’s worth saving for, Flint.


    If I only had your performance, Dex……


    Flint, it’s not always about performance. The idea is to have fun and there are so many ways to achieve that goal.


    true, stripe, but it is for the older gentlemen here.

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