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    Is Sheri’s still offering “vacation packages”? I thought I read somewhere here a while back that they offered custom packages.


    there are recent links on this topic but I cannot seem to find them with this browser.


    The Ultimate Sex Vacation Packages are still listed on Sheri’s website. It’s a tremendous deal so clients should take advantage of the special offers; I recommend the $3200 package because a $3000 voucher for parties, three night stay, upgraded steak & lobster dinner, open bar, champagne and transportation are included. The individual parties must be negotiated at the brothel to comply with LPIN law. Clients must book these in advance, so it’s recommended to telephone the office regarding the procedure. http://www.sherisranch.com/adult-sex-vacation/


    Thanks, firefighter.

    So, am I correct that the $3,000.00 voucher works almost like a gift certificate? Also, could we “substitute” food items, such as switch champagne for something else?

    I only ask because (and this may sound strange) I can’t drink alcohol (or try to severely limit it)… it makes me sick… and then, I won’t be as much fun because then I’ll be lying in my bed… not having fun :-(.

    I also try to stay away from lobster (even though I LOVE lobster) because I always had problems “breaking” the shells (it’s the same reason I stay away from clams, even though I LOVE them) and it’s way too embarrassing to ask the waiter (or one of the courtesans 😉 ) to break it for me ;-).

    By the way… how do we arrange for one of these vacation packages?

    Thanks for the help.


    I would think they would let you substitute the package items for something else comparable on the menu, but you could ask the office when you call to reserve the package. The number is on the page linked above.


    Before booking one of the vacation packages I would actually call and ask some questions…

    The $3000 voucher, in order to have all of the Bungalow amenities that are offered, would only be for one party. You are then at the Ranch for the rest of your stay and need to bring extra cash for additional parties if you want to spend more erotic time with a lady.

    I just mention this because I don’t want folks to come in after booking a “vacation package” and be upset because they think this amount of money provides them with 3 nights worth of playtime and all the amenities during their entire stay.


    really good point.


    So, whether I choose the two nights with the $2,000 voucher or the three nights with the $3,000 voucher, it’s still only for one night?

    Would the voucher be for the entire day or just part of that day?



    the cash amount would only cover one party. for two days you could hang out at the bar have your party at night and recover the next day. you could bring more funds for additional partying. I believe that you would expend the entire voucher amount on one of those parties.

    Angel Parr

    When purchasing a package you get access to the open bar, which doesn’t necessarily have to be alcohol, we have soda, water, and juices available as part of the bar for those whom don’t drink. You also get a dinner with your lady which is typically coconut shrimp, garlic shrimp, or steak and lobster tail, which is conveniently already cracked open for you, so you need not worry about having to work for your meal! If these 3 options are not suitable then we can substitute for anything on our menu.

    The packages do offer multiple nights in our hotel, however, us ladies have nothing to do with your hotel stay. You are only being offered the free hotel, not an overnight with a courtesan. Your “Sex Voucher” is only worth whatever your lady is willing to give, which will get you know where close to an overnight. So as Montana has stated, please don’t allow yourselves to be mislead by what is being offered, it’s still up to us to negotiate what your voucher is worth.

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