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    Being new to this, I was apprehensive about the whole prospect of visiting a brothel. After a bunch of back-and-forth via email with Char, I nervously decided to take the plunge by making a Valentine’s Day date with Char. And let me tell you, I’m damned glad I didn’t chicken out of it as I almost did.

    My date was for 4:00, and Warren showed up at my Vegas hotel a little after 2:30 to take me to the ranch. He was giving me the lowdown on how things worked when I explained I already had made a date. When he asked who it was with, I told him Char. In his foghorn Bronx accent, his immediate reaction told me I was in for a wild time: “Good choice – you’ll probably be leaving the ranch in an ambulance.”

    We got to the ranch a little early, and he took me to the bar. I told the hostess I was Char’s 4 O’clock, and she told me she’d call Char and let her know I was there. While I was waiting, I recognized some of the other ladies from their profiles. I chit-chatted a bit with Michelle Lai, who could tell I was getting antsy waiting for Char. She teased me about patience being a virtue and we talked a little more, finding out we had some common ground. Finally, around 4:15, the red curtains parted, and I recognized her instantly even not having seen her face directly before: Char was finally there, and she was one amazing sight.

    The other girls noticed her get-up, asking her why she was dressed so out-of-character? Char told me she’d bought her outfit just for me based on emails we’d exchanged. In case you’re wondering, she was wearing a fire-engine red lace corset with matching panties, strappy sandals with stiletto heels…and not a whole lot else. As stunning as her pictures are, she was even more so in person…so much so that I didn’t realize that my excitement was showing through my jeans! Char giddily pointed this out to the other girls, much to my embarrassment. We exited the bar and were barely one step outside of it when she looked right in my eyes and gave me a nice hug and kiss on the lips with a big smile on her face. She also got a twinkle in her eye when I told her she’d been late and that that we’d have to deal with that when we got back to her room. 😉

    After she gave me the brief tour of the ranch, walking hand-in-hand the whole time, we went back to the room where the negotiations were over and done with in a flash. We’d already exchanged enough email that I’d made clear what I was looking for, and she handled the requisite d#$k check seamlessly. As if Warren’s admonition about leaving the ranch in an ambulance weren’t enough, any remaining doubts about how wild my encounter was going to be were put to rest when she told me the specific things she wanted me to do to her during our date. We left the room, went to the business office to pay the bill up front, and it seemed like a second later we were in the Roman Bungalow.

    The door closed and I’m not exaggerating when I say that she went from 0 to 60 in not even a second. The encounter started so quickly we were already hot and bothered before the complimentary champagne/food arrived. After we stopped for just long enough for the help to leave, it didn’t take long for things to heat up again, and I certainly share part of the blame for that – right after she’d tended to something across the room, I went over there, pinned her against the wall, and the next thing we knew, we were on the floor going full out. I’ll leave the rest of the details to your imaginations, as a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell…and neither do I. 😉

    Our date was amazing; going with the flow led to a completely unscripted mix of PSE complemented by soft GFE lovemaking. The PSE was so scorching hot you’d have sworn we were both trying to see if each of us was trying to have to call an ambulance for the other! No joke, when we were doing it PSE style, I felt like I was doing it with the nastiest, skankiest, filthiest slut that every straight guy dreams of doing it with once in his life. Just the same, the GFE made me feel like I was with a loving woman who wanted to connect with me and not just jump my bones; she really made me feel like I was the only man in her universe while we were together, and she even tended to me lovingly in the afterglow without my asking. It sure didn’t feel at all like a service I was paying for.

    Eventually, like all good things, it had to come to an end. We showered – separately – (too bad I didn’t think to negotiate a shower with her as part of the deal ;-)) and after she ran across the compound to get me a hair dryer (she really does go full-out for her guys) I got dressed. Went to the bar for my complementary dinner. Warren saw me, saw how drained I obviously was, and commented that every one of Char’s clients who he’s driven home looked in about the same shape I did. All I can say is, Thank You, Char – that’s a Valentine’s Day I’ll never forget!

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