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    What Every LPIN (Legal Prostitution in Nevada) Newbie Client Should Know

    Al’s First-Timers LPIN Guide

    This guide is by no means official. I’m just a guy who’s been out there, hanging around on the boards for a little while, and soaked up what knowledge and wisdom I could. Seemed to me that there were a lot of simple questions and a fair number of basic misunderstandings floating around out there, so I thought I’d do what I could to clear things up a bit.

    This guide is, as the name implies, aimed mainly at first-time brothel visitors (and LPIN in general). It’s designed to cover the basics. What you (whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for) should know the first time you walk in the door.

    The first of those things is that every person is unique and every party is different. Quite a lot depends on your individual tastes, desires, style, etc. A lot also depends on the Lady or Ladies you ultimately choose, how you are feeling at the time, and a variety of other factors that are always subject to change. That’s why this guide is going to focus on generalities and those things that aren’t likely to change anytime soon.

    A Few Simple Rules:

    Most brothel clients will tell you that, when it gets down to it, you can’t go wrong at Sheri’s Ranch. That’s true, for the most part. But it’s more likely to hold true if you follow these basic rules in no particular order:

    • Respect the Ladies; they deserve it. They’re good people in addition to being the fairer sex, and they have to put up with quite a lot in their line of work. Besides, if all goes well, the Courtesan you’re talking to is going to have direct access to some very sensitive areas, and you’re going to be asking her to do things that will hopefully make you very happy. It’s probably best to stay on her good side.

    • Trust yourself, since you know what you want. You know what you’re looking for, so do your best to find it. If something doesn’t feel right, do something about it. Tell your Lady, and see what you can work out.

    • Don’t let anyone (or anything) pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do, since you’re the customer. Things should go the way you desire (within reasonable limits, of course). If the Lady you’re talking to isn’t what you’re looking for (even if you had an appointment, picked her out of a lineup, took a tour with her, are engaged in negotiations, etc.) you have the right to talk to another Courtesan. If the Lady is doing something you’re not comfortable with, you have as much right to ask her to stop as she does to demand the same of you.

    • Good communications are key to a good party. Don’t be afraid to tell the Lady about what you do and do not want to happen. The more you’re on the same page, the better she knows you, the more likely she is to be able to make your dreams come true. By that same token, make sure to listen to her, too. Things will go better if you’re working together, and it’s mandatory to know and respect her boundaries.

    • Keep your plans flexible. LPIN is an unpredictable business. Just about anything you can imagine can happen (and probably has, at some point). The more carefully you plan, the more likely it is that something will happen to change those plans. Unless you’ve made an appointment, there’s a chance the Lady you’re interested in won’t be available. Even then, something could happen (illness, transportation problems, family emergency, etc.) There’s also a chance that you won’t interact in person as well as you thought you would. It’s okay, really. If you relax, go with the flow, and keep yourself open to the possibilities around you, there’s a good chance that something will work out. …Quite possibly something even better than what you’d originally planned.

    How to Choose a Lady:

    There is no single right way to choose a Lady. It depends on what’s important to you.

    It’s probably best to take recommendations from others with a grain of salt. Remember, their tastes and needs may differ from yours, so it’s very important to make a connection.

    That said, going over the reports in the Personal Opinions forum can give you some insight and useful information.

    As mentioned above, it can also be helpful to get to know the Lady through PMs. Just remember that how you interact online may be different from how things go when you actually get there. Good online romantic chemistry may fall flat when you meet face-to-face. Someone with whom you can barely communicate over PMs may just hit it off with you in person.

    Ultimately, the best thing is to go in, see who strikes your fancy, and take it from there.

    Negotiations 101:

    Once you’ve chosen your lady and decided you’re ready to party, the next stop is negotiations.

    Now is the time to tell her about your ideal party. What you’d like to do; what you may not want to do; how much time you’d like to spend; any special fantasies or requests you may have… that sort of thing.

    Now is also the time for her to tell you what she is and is not willing to do. This is entirely up to her, and may well vary from Lady to Lady, customer to customer, and day to day.

    If what you want and what she’ll do match up, negotiations can continue. If they can’t be reconciled, then it’s time to say “thanks anyway” and ask to return to the bar.

    Assuming things do work out the next stage is to talk about pricing.

    A Courtesan is an independent contractor. What she charges is up to her, and will vary depending on a number of factors.

    Some people like to bargain or negotiate, and it may get you a lower price. Depending on your personality and style, it may be enjoyable for its own sake. Some simply consider it part of the overall process.

    On the other hand, bargaining can be almost like arguing. It can create negative vibes and make you see each other as competitors rather than partners. The money you save in the bargain may not be worth the impact it could have on your party. There are also some who feel that bargaining is disrespectful to the Lady. It’s her time and body; who else is qualified to say how much it’s worth?

    Whether you try to bargain or not is up to you. If you choose not to, it’s probably best to tell her that up front. Otherwise, she may begin the negotiations with the assumption that you’re going to try to bring her price down. She may also choose to give you a better price if you establish good will by telling her that you’re not going to try to bargain her down. However, the client isn’t bound to accept the Courtesan’s price and can choose to walk instead.

    The other way to go about it is to reverse the process. This may be a better choice for those with a limited budget. You can tell her what you’re willing or can afford to spend, and then see how far it gets you. This could also lead to a sort of bargaining, but again that’s up to you.

    There really is no set way to go about it. As with just about every other part of the process, a lot depends on what works for the unique combination of individuals involved. Some of the ladies may not want to bargain at all, and it’s their right to say so.

    However you go about it, the goal is the same: to work towards a deal that satisfies everyone.

    Negotiations 102:

    Negotiations in LPIN get easier with experience; here are some tips for all you “Newbies.”

    1. Be honest – Let her know what you are comfortable spending, your “usual party” and what you have spent in the past. Don’t be afraid to name comparable LPIN Ladies that have accepted the price you are requesting, but be truthful since Courtesans will pick up on fabrications immediately.

    2. You start the negotiation – Start by telling her the above, never allow her to start listing her parties and prices. You will then have to come down from those quoted prices. Let her work off of your budget, not down from hers. If she’s unable to compromise, she may be able to recommend another Lady.

    3. Be nice! – Start with being a gentleman in the parlor. Be funny, pleasant, charming and respectfully flirtatious. Girls are more willing to work with someone who is amiable and they have made a connection. Make the most of the pre-party.

    4. Be clean – Brush your teeth, shower with anti-bacterial body soap, use deodorant and a quick spray of cologne before you meet the ladies. Be well groomed and treat it like a date. If you have a funk about you, you may get quoted a higher price because that is something she has to overcome. If you are asked to take a shower beforehand, it is most likely for a reason; however, I always shower in my Courtesan’s room or Bungalow Suite prior to sex because it’s being considerate to your Lady.

    5. Simple math – prices are usually quoted in 20 minute increments. If you are there for sex only and can only go once, why buy the hour party? She may say her minimum amount for sex is $$$$ for sixty minutes. Tell her you only need 30 minutes and you may have saved yourself a few dollars; however, don’t negotiate less time and expect her to allow you to party beyond the time limit.

    6. Repeat client – we all do it. If you find a girl that you hit it off with, become a “regular.” You will get her best rates and the sex will just get better and better. You may also get extra time or sexual favors. It pays to become a “regular.”

    A successful working girl will not take an adversarial position, but rather you will find those Ladies very congenial. Just remember it is business and not personal so often there is give and take, but it almost never will follow into the bedroom and effect the “party.”

    Negotiations 103:

    There have been a number of polls touching on this subject. I myself just this past summer opened with $1.00 for an hour with my favorite Courtesan. Now she and I had partied before and I was giving her a backrub while negotiating. She obviously knew I was joking and she proceeded to go along with me as she was enjoying the backrub. If I had tried that with someone that did not know me, one of us would have walked the other I’m sure.

    I try to open with what I am willing to spend and for what I want in time and activities. I really like it when the Lady responds with “What rules?” I do follow up with stating what I want just to be sure they understand. Recently I’ve had counter offers “suggesting” that “I usually get…” offers. To which I reply… not from me. I was walked by this same Courtesan this past summer after I thought we had an agreement. There were however changes in the party and for this reason she tried to tell me I could not get it for what I was originally told. Later we did come to an agreement… but I had to seriously give it additional thought for a whole day!

    I generally don’t mind the negotiations, but I’ve done it in business for years. I however did not enjoy it when the above situation played out last summer. So I do understand some reluctance other clients have expressed with the process. The ideas that the Ladies should base their opening prices realistically are valid, if given that you are a known commodity so to speak. Otherwise I don’t begrudge them for trying to get as much money as they can. There are a couple of fixed priced brothels, but my experience is that you can find Ladies that will give you a damn good party in a negotiation type house for about the same as a fixed price brothel. The fixed price brothels usually only have a limited number of Courtesans too. It’s your money, but it’s their business. The customer and Lady both have to make a decision along with the house as a factor in the equation as to what they will accept.

    There are Ladies who read this Forum and I believe most are fair in what they are willing to accept, but there are a lot of factors that can change the situation. …Such as the “time of day” for which you are trying to get the party. Does she know you, or are you an existing customer? A customer’s financial situation can also change too. The economy, change in income, normal expenses, travel costs, lodging and meals all effect the amount of discretionary income available to spend on parties.

    Ladies also have costs as well. So the house, Ladies and clients all need to think about this when they decide what they are willing to accept. There exist Ladies that will not walk a client if he only could afford a given amount and would work with them to try and make it a win for the house, lady and customer; however, there exist house minimums that cannot be circumvented except by rare management approval.

    If you do not like the price you receive then you have a couple of choices. (1) Be willing to ask is there another Courtesan who might be available that the Lady could recommend that might be willing to accept both your offer and activities. (2) Otherwise you must keep on looking. They are out there, but they don’t necessarily advertise that they will accept what you are willing to pay. You have to ask first…

    Negotiations 104: Saphire Rae’s A$$hole Tax

    Courtesans Appreciate Gentlemanly Behavior ~ otherwise you get the A$$hole Tax. It’s imperative that you’re courteous, flirtatious, respectful and romantic upon meeting a Courtesan and continue that amiable demeanor throughout negotiations and during your party. It’s ridiculous and intolerable to become irritable, antagonistic, disrespectful, arrogant, demanding, violent or hostile or project a harassing or sexist attitude in a brothel, since you are there to make love not fight. If you’re obnoxious you will be classified an asshole resulting in an A$$hole Tax.

    If you plan to party, do not drink alcohol since lovemaking and booze don’t mix and your party will not meet expectations. If you’re not under the influence of alcohol or drugs during your party you will enjoy it much more since your body is more sensitive and you will be a better and gentler lover for your Lady. Excessively drinking alcohol or liquid courage to settle your nerves before making love is a bad idea, since it simply doesn’t work. If you feel nervous or apprehensive, confide in your Courtesan and she’ll be able to calm you without drugs or alcohol.

    Courtesan Saphire Rae said, “I will admit, I have an A$$hole Tax. If a client is hyper demanding, very needy etc., he pays more. But if a guy is relaxed and just wants a good time or repeats, I will either throw in extras or more time. I answer my emails, but only once a day. I hate it if you don’t get right back to a guy he gets all butt hurt and starts whining, that gets you the A$$hole Tax.”

    Negotiations 105: A Difference in Mentality by Red Diamonds

    So I notice that there are a lot of clients that have similar viewing on prices here. I am thinking this makes a great topic of discussion. We have the big spenders, the moderate spenders, small spenders, and the cheap (no offense). This comes solely from my experience… Let me share what I know.

    All the big spenders I get are with me for an experience that’s not just about sex. They come in wanting me for as long as possible and are more of a “Ladies’ man.” They know they can get sex anywhere, so it’s really not about that. They come prepared to spend big because they know we will have a fantastic time and it’s not a “wham-bam-thank-you-mam”. They may be frequent visitors or every few months between visits.

    The moderate spenders always understand that activities and time go hand in hand and they want to have a great time for what they can afford. They know they can’t get it all for nothing and won’t even try. They come in to have their fun and will return when their personal budgets allow them to do so. Moderate spenders will occasionally spend big because they found a lady they would like extra time or activities with.

    The small spender is usually a straight to the point type of Client. They came in to take care of business and they want go on with their day. They are content with a short and sweet party and are quite happy being a regular small spender. In some cases, they simply can’t afford to spend larger amounts of money.

    The cheap spender will try to get you for as much activity as possible for as little as possible. It’s not even about what he can and can’t afford, it’s more like low-balling and being a jerk just for the hell of it. It’s a whole different demeanor… There is a lack of respect for women, or a lack in seeing a woman’s worth. Usually they use quotes like “it’s just pussy”…

    No matter what type of Client you choose to be, you will always have a great time with me. Spend what you are comfortable spending, shouldn’t matter what the next man is or isn’t willing to spend…

    A Related Topic Pertaining to Prices by Red Diamonds

    This is my thought and opinion to what I have been reading. Solely my opinion and I am not directing this to one individual, I’m directing it toward whom are concerned:

    Why do customers feel ripped off when one lady charges higher than the other? With all respect to the paying customers on here I need to make a valid point…. Every Independent Contractor has her comforts and discomforts with activities, prices, and time frames. Please don’t feel ripped off because one lady charges you differently than the other, it’s all about what we as I.C.’s are ok with doing. I have both the average spender and the big spenders that both return to me. It’s always going to be obvious that the big spender will be back in my bedroom/Bungalow with me going for multiple orgasms and having dinner with me. The average spender usually is back there for one orgasm and will be back for another round another day…

    Too many assumptions on whether women that charge higher have repeat business… Guess what, all women of this profession have repeats and some are average spenders and some are big spenders (depending on their finances). Customers that love seeing Courtesans come and come again and know that all ladies have different rates and will still party with us even when we charge higher. It’s about the Red Diamonds experience or the “So and So” experience. I might be cheaper than one lady and more expensive compared to the next, but a customer looking to party with me will come to an agreement to where we are both happy and party away! This is just what I know from my experience, please don’t gripe or complain if a Lady won’t come to an agreement with you but simply find someone else who will… Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion and feel free to share your thoughts.

    The Infamous DC:

    Once you’ve agreed on what you’re going to do and how much it’ll cost, the next step is a DC or Dick Check or in the case of a female client a vulva check. While you’re locked together in the negotiations room, the Lady will ask you to stand up and drop your drawers. Don’t be shy; she’ll be seeing it soon enough, anyway. If it helps, think of her as a nurse. This is, in essence, a medical exam. She’s been trained for it, and does it with all of her customers before every party.

    She’s looking for any signs of disease, particularly STDs. This is for her safety as well as yours. With all the care that is taken (checkups, blood tests, condoms, DCs, etc.), you can be confident that the lady you’ll be partying with is clean and healthy.

    The Party:

    This is the good part; the main event. And the part this guide can least help you with.

    What happens here is a private matter between you and whoever is with you behind closed doors.

    A few simple bits of advice:

    Relax. Have fun. Don’t be afraid to speak up. If there’s something you want to try, let her know. If she’s doing something you don’t like, ask her to stop. If the party is transpiring well, then find a way to communicate that fact.

    Pay attention to what she’s communicating too. She’s there to make you happy, but you have to respect her boundaries and authority as your sex provider or Courtesan. You’ll also probably have more fun if she’s happy with you. Work together and you’ll have a lot of fun.

    After The Party:

    What happens immediately after the party is up to you and the Lady. You’ll want to get dressed, of course. You may want to clean up; comb your hair so it’s not obvious you’ve just partied; or you can take a shower with the Lady if this is what you negotiated. You can wash up, and there’s a bidet (to rinse off the essential bits) in every Lady’s bedroom and Suite. As ever, do what works for you.

    Once you’re presentable again, you have several options. You and the Lady can walk back to the bar and spend some more time together. You can book another party (with her, someone else, or both). You can sit around at the bar and see where the mood takes you. You can leave entirely; whatever works.

    Later, you may want to write a review to share your experience. Reviews can be posted to the Forum Share an Experience and/or the Courtesan’s Official Page. If you do, you may want to talk to the Lady about what to put in it (and what to leave private) since it’s desirable to be somewhat respectful and not extremely explicit. The nature of the business aside, the Ladies are regular people, and many of them don’t appreciate intimate details about them posted on the Internet for anyone and everyone to read.

    Beat LA

    Thank you for posting this. I’m planning my first trip to Sheri’s Ranch next month, and these are some great tips to start from. I’ve been lurking the forums for a couple of days, and have enjoyed all the helpful info given in your posts.


    firefighter another excellent advise post. I find negitiations tends to ruin my mood. I prefer emailing before the party to get to know w lady, but YMMV on that one.


    Awesome guide, thanks Firefighter!


    Firefigther, very nice post on how things work and what to expect. It reminds me a lot of the one written by Dex a number of years ago but with a fresh perspective. Both are very excellent reads for someone new and as a reminder to those that have been doing LPIN for awhile.


    All of this is great information. Thanks for posting this; it was well worth the read.

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