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    WHAT IF? I have never been to Sheri’s Ranch or anywhere like it before. There is a bevy of beautiful women, but one lady has caught my eye and heart. She is incredibly beautiful, has almost unbelievable reviews, and her e-mails are positive and upbeat. WHAT IF I make an appointment with her and then we do not click when we meet? Can I cancel my appointment after we meet? OR would it be better to not make an appointment and hope she is available? She seems very nice and I would hate to disappoint her. What should a newbie do?

    Dinky Dude


    why not tell the hostess ahead of time, that if you and the lady do not click, that you would want to meet some others?


    I agree with Flint, you can always ask the hostess to speak to her and then you do not feel as much obligation but on either end you should never feel like you have to go through with something you are not comfortable with. Sounds like she is a great girl and has your attention so your odds are in your favor of everything working out. Downside to not making an appointment you do not have that guarantee she will be available or even ready for the day. Maybe try asking in your email if she would mind to meet when you arrive if she is available but not to have the 100% expectation of a party.

    Charina Lee

    I truly believe there is pressure on visitors to not “disappoint” one of us. I think though, the pressure comes from within, and not the girls. You not wanting to disappoint one of the girls shows your kindness. But you need to remember that your trip here IS about YOU! It’s our responsibility to be professional and courteous and respect your decision and choices. If you have a great time here (which you most likely will) then that’s good for ALL the ladies because there’s a greater chance you are going to come back!!!! Or tell others!!!! It’s all to our benefit in the long run! Hugs, Charina!


    Aside from making an appointment with her, you should e-mail her, introduce yourself and give her an idea of what you’re interested in. You probably won’t get a full idea of what she’s like, but you’ll have an idea. Get a feel for her as best you can on e-mail, follow her on twitter if she’s on twitter, Facebook etc. Also, if you will be visiting for more than a day and definitely confirmed with her that she will be there that week, ya might wanna take the 1st day to talk to her if she has no appointments or gets called into a lineup. No pressure, play some pool, have some drinks with her, relax, no stress, no nervousness, no pressure. You’ll have a good idea b4 then.

    Good Luck!



    i have tried sending messages to some of the ladies but all I seem to get is returned mail (undeliverable) messages.


    Southpaw-Excellent advice. I did all the things you suggested and it worked stunningly for me. Could not have been happier.


    JazzMark, great to hear and glad you had fun during your 1st visit! 🙂


    The fact that you have emailed her and you are still interested, is a plus in your favor. I would let her know you will be making an appointment to see her when you are next in town, with a time frame of when you would like to see her, and then make your appointment a few days before you see her, unless she tells you she is really busy. Most aren’t. That’s what I usually do when I make appointments, that way I don’t have to change days if something comes up, such as arriving too late in Vegas due to a delayed or overbooked flight.

    Remember you are under no obligation to party with the lady, once you get there. There is always the chance you might not click, or her rates might be too high. Most likely both of you will hit it off, especially if you have communicated with each other for a while. Out of the seven ladies that I have exchanged dozens of emails with, and made an appointment to see, only once have I not partied with that lady, and that was because of her rates. It wasn’t all bad since the same lady recommended another lady to me who she thought I would like based off our emails and was in my price range, and it was a great party.

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