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    The general advice I am reading on this message board is to e-mail a courtesan in advance.

    In general, what is chatted about? Her details are on her profile. Do I ask her for more depth about one of them? Or is the chatting supposed to be flirty (but appropriate) on both our parts?

    Next question: Do most guys send picture of myself in their e-mails? That way she has a face to go with a name. (No inappropriate photos).



    You may email a Courtesan if you desire. However, it’s not imperative that you contact a Courtesan prior to your arrival. Clients sometimes email a Courtesan they’ve selected through perusing their profiles if they wish to get acquainted or have specific questions. Your email may entail a friendly and respectfully flirtatious communication to break the ice, but it’s not necessary to include photos. A general description of yourself will usually suffice but it’s not essential. I recommend staying a night or two in Sheri’s hotel so you have ample time to party though. If you’re limited on time I recommend that you make an appointment(s).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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