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    Thanks firefighter. I would want to have a party in Playland before I am finished.

    The Attorney

    Another source of pictures inside the bungalows is on Google Street View. Just go to Google maps and type I the address for Sheri’s. You can “walk” through the lobby, some hallways and enter the bungalow rooms.


    @The Attorney

    Google streetview shows the lobby, the private dining room, the two jacuzzi/spa rooms and the S&M BDSM room.

    Bungalow interiors are shown elsewhere on the website, but they only show what I listed in my opening post of this thread.

    The Playland bungalow has it’s own section on the website too.

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    Quite simply, the best time you’ve ever had in your life….

    Angel Parr

    Tomsk, Yes all of the bungalows have cd and dvd players, they all have surround sound, and you can certainly bring your own music, porn, or movie night show!

    Red Diamonds

    Our Bungalows each come differently themed, they come with dinner and drinks complimentary during your session. Men who prefer longer sessions usually end up in here unless they like my bedroom. My Bungalow sessions usually include dinner, one on one play time, bubble bath, and massage. I add movies, games, multiple orgasms, head and breakfast if you decide on all night. Something for you to think about………

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)
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