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    Angel Parr

    I don’t usually post on here, however I am on my way to Jerusalem for a bit to treat myself with a great cultural and spiritual tip, so I felt that I should let our boards know that I shall be gone for a bit!
    As opposed to my currently shown profile, I will be here at Sheri’s Ranch until this Monday, and then I plan on taking a few months for a vacation. I’m unsure as of now when I’ll be back but I am currently planning a 2 month break as of now. I will post when I do get back to let you all know that I have returned. I’ll miss y’all and look forward to seeing you soon!!!

    Also, as we are currently fixing our internet connections some of our emails are not going through as they should, so to any of you whom have sent me an email and got no response, I am not neglecting you, I’m just not receiving your message. If you do or have sent me an email and got no response, please drop me a note here and let me know so that we may get into contact!

    Hugs, loves, and dirty thoughts to all of you!!!


    Angel, can you provide some details of your trip when convenient?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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