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    I am hoping to make my first trip to Sheri’s in the near future (Probably Spring of 2016), and after checking out some tips on the forum, I like the idea of emailing the courtesan that I am interested in and trying to build some sort of chemistry/relationship before arriving. I am wondering when is the best time to start emailing the lady I am hoping to party with to try? Do I wait until a week or two before I go, or should it be a months-long process of communication?
    Thanks in advance for any and all responses!


    Others may think differently, but I would recommend sooner rather than later. Be aware that the ladies can only access their email while physically at the ranch, and not when they are away. Emailing in advance would allow for more time to receive replies and strike up a rapport with the ladies. I had my party in mid May and my first email was sent in mid February. Over the course of many months and many emails I got to know and have a connection with the courtesan I chose and to plan the party in advance. This familiarity helped to make my Ranch visit less nerve wracking and more relaxed and was a prime component to a fabulous party. Send your emails now, I’d say.


    Sooner is definitely better, once you have a good idea of the day(s) you will be there. But be aware that with the holidays the next couple months some ladies may be scarce or not at the ranch at all. You may not hear back from some of them for a month or more.


    Why not now?! If we aren’t at the ranch we will return the emails when we return to the ranch. Good luck!



    I agree with the general consensus…if you want to develop a chemistry, sending emails in advance is the best approach.

    Also though, while we can’t answer emails while we are away from the Ranch, there are times when we Are here that we are engaged with guests that are here at the brothel and don’t always find the time every day to check emails – so be patient if you don’t receive a return reply right away. If you have never been here, once you do make the trip and see how some of us entertain, you will start to understand that you want our attention when you arrive and would also prefer us not to disappear to answer emails. So the balance is sometimes hard to find but please, making the effort is well worth it!


    what is this patience you are referring to?

    Angel Parr

    Sweetie, its really up to you. Most of us appreciate getting to know a client a bit before they get here, so feel free to email us months ahead of time if you want to have a few conversations. There’s also nothing wrong with emailing the lady the day before you arrive to let her know that you are coming to see her. There’s not really any time frame to emailing a lady, is all about your comfort!!

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