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    just curious on what the average time the ladies go to sleep and if there are any ladies who stay up later than average? due to my work, my sleeping schedule is pretty messed up (i’m a Nevada local by the way) so if i were to visit it probably would be around midnight at the earliest if i were to head that way as soon as i got off, preferably 1-3am is better for me though. soooo im just wondering is that to late for the average working girl and if so are there any ladies that do stay up later than normal or what?

    thanks in advance for the replies


    I’m new to Sheri’s Ranch but we are open 24/Hrs… No matter day or night there will always be a beautiful lady available for you!!! I’m Trina_Diamond I will be here till the 13th and I’m always up late so if you like what you see you can email me or if you see someone else you like you can call Sheri’s and schedule appointment so the lovely lady can be available at your request. Thank you and I hope I answered your question:)


    The Ranch is open 24/7. I completely understand that sleeping habits are off as it is to some of the ladies here as well. If you come in the bar between those times there will be a few ladies out in the bar. You can always look online to see who the available ladies are that particular week and perhaps request her or schedule an appointment online or by phone so that she will be up and ready for you even if you do come in a little late.


    Perhaps scheduling an appointment ahead of time will allow you to be with the lady of your choice.

    Red Diamonds

    Hey there!!! I am one of the ladies whom stay up late. Luckily there are several ladies that stay up with me. You can always schedule an appointment at a particular time frame too with your desired lady of choice…

    Angel Parr

    The brothel side of the ranch is open 24/7 and we pull shifts from 5am-5pm 5pm-5am so there are always ladies on the floor and available for you! The best thing to so is to go through a few of the profiles of the ladies that will be here during the time you are going to come up here, email them and let them know that you are interested so that they will for sure be up and ready when you come in. The bar closes at 3am and most ladies leave the floor then, a few of us do stay up later, like I’m typically available until about 4-5am. I hope this helps you and wish you a very pleasurable adventure!

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    Like everyone else has said, we’re open 24/7. I Would suggest looking at the lineup for when you’re thinking of coming in and starting an email dialog with a lady. Then, you can make an appointment and she will be aware and prepared for you at whatever time you can come down here. There are ladies that work the night shift who are in the bar, but this way your particular favorite is aware, awake, and ready for you when you arrive. 🙂

    tessa rae

    Sheris is open 24hours. The bar however closes at 3AM, but the fun can still happen! Come on in and the hostess will assist you in finding the right girl. You can ask for a line up or she can gladly bring available girls to meet in the bar to socialize if you are interested in a party. So come in for an amazing time at any hour. We would love to help assist you with your naughty desires:) Hope that helps!

    Available through 8/19/2014
    twitter: https://twitter.com/Tessa_Raes
    Email: tessarae@sherisranch.com

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