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    Okay prostitution is illegal in clark county? But, the risk of getting caught is low. unless you are really stupid.
    Many call girls/escorts work in or have worked in brothels and now choose to work independently and not pay a house.
    Now I know the houses regulate when the ladies ate checked and safe sex is 100 percent a must. And this is a big plus for going to a brothel. However, I csn pay an escort 1/2 what most brothels charge (keep in mind I have only experienced I-80 brothels) and I get the same servive from a very pretty lady.


    Paul, it seems you are well-accustomed to the underground market for prostitution. If you believe it works well and is much less costly, I am curious what is bringing you to a legal brothel? I mean that sincerely and respectfully.

    I will attempt to answer your question first by alluding to automobile insurance. In the United States, it is mandatory in most states that all licensed operators of an automobile be insured, and the majority are. Yet some opt not to purchase automobile insurance anyway. Most who do not purchase insurance will most likely feel they are a prudent driver and that their chances are slim of ever needing to make a serious claim. However, these same drivers are proven not to be invincible of a serious collision as there was an estimated $2.6 billion paid out for uninsured motorist claims in 2012. While some may find they will save thousands of dollars over many years, that cannot be true for everybody, and some will find that they will be sued for thousands which may cause them financial hardship or suffer major unexpected damage to their vehicle, perhaps totally their sole means of independent transportation.

    The same could be expected in the underground market for prostitution. While some may save thousands of dollars by seeking out an independent escort who may charge a fraction of what could be estimated for the services of a legal independent contractor working in a legal brothel within the United States, some will inevitably lose. What’s worse, is it not only puts a client’s hard-earned income at risk, but there are STI risks, legal repercussions, and lack of legal ramifications to rectify injustices.

    While a prudent client could be sure to take upon her or himself to seek protection from STIs, it is important to remember that condoms are not 100 percent infallible and you must take the escort word that she or he regularly gets tested in a worst-case scenario.

    Then there are sting operations set-up by law enforcement to catch “Johns” that seek illegal prostitution. I’m sure there are ways a prudent client can avoid such traps, but even some experienced Johns get caught from time to time. While most of the arrests reported are usually sting operations in which officers are disguised as streetwalkers, it is plausible for operations that target escorting activity could become more common in the future as that type of prostitution gains increasing popularity.

    If one gets ripped off or are lied to when inquiring about STIs, there is little, if any, legal ramifications to seek out in the underground market, for the client or the sex worker.

    I have not mentioned the other problems such as sex trafficking, but I will continue to assume that the sex workers operating underground are sane and sovereign individuals. Following this assumption, clients may be a virgin looking to rid themselves of virginity, a homosexual male curious of what a female’s touch is like, or a sexually adventurous couple who want to try something new but safe in their relationship. They may not want to sift through tons of online ads to find someone they think may be making a legitimate offer and probably are nervous enough about the thought already. Then they make the move and meet the underground escort only to find they do not look like their advertised picture or there is no real connection. At a legal brothel such as Sheri’s Ranch, a client can email a few ladies they are interested in, find the ones who may be a right fit for them, and then meet them in person in which they have some time to leisurely converse with one another without making any commitment. If the client made some inaccurate calculations about the chosen lady, then they may politely say so to the lady they made a reservation with and meet with someone else or leave the brothel if they believe it just really isn’t going to work out. That is something not entirely easy to do in an underground market where two people are presumably alone and have already likely made some sacrifices to meet each other. For the client, there is nobody else they can easily turn to for intimate services for the night if their opinion changes about the sex worker they meet. The sex worker probably carved out a time slot for the potential client, had to seek out or secure a meeting place, and worst off, she or he is putting herself or himself at risk meeting somebody who may have ill thoughts regardless of the amount of screening she or he requires.

    If one is not overly nervous or new to purchasing sex, then the brothel is great for a number of other reasons. Sheri’s Ranch in particular is a sex resort located less than an hour away from Las Vegas. It is a place people can go at a whim to break from their extensive partying in Sin City and create more debauchery without crossing into the wrong side of the law. Sheri’s also has some special rooms where one can explore in fantasy such as sadomasochism in the S&M room, or a naughty classroom adventure in the Sheri’s Playland. An underground escort may be unable to provide such fantasies.

    In summary, I’ll take your word that there is a premium to be paid. But let’s not forget that purchasing good intimate fun is not cheap in either case and the premium keeps both clients and workers safe, law-abiding, and stress-free. Perhaps one day, maybe even in my lifetime, prostitution will be legal and regulated throughout most of the United States for many different types of workers. For now, we are fortunate to have legal brothels in certain counties of Nevada.


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    Eva M

    CandyAndy pretty much nailed it in my opinion. Yes you pay premium prices at Sheri’s but you’re paying for peace of mind which is priceless. Thank you Andy for all the input, even I find it very useful 🙂


    Prostitution is illegal in Clark (which contains Las Vegas), Washoe (which contains Reno), Douglas, and Lincoln Counties Nevada.

    There are many problems associated with illegal prostitution in Las Vegas. If arrested, a client may have their name printed in the newspaper and be fined. In addition, they may be robbed or need medical treatment resulting from an assault or STDs.

    Clients have the licensed legal Nevada brothel and Professional LPIN Courtesan’s assurance that they will be satisfied with the sex party for which they negotiated and paid; however, an indie prostitute usually can’t offer a client any reputable endorsement, and there is little recourse if a client doesn’t receive the illegal sex party for which they paid.

    In addition to an indie’s escort fee a client in most circumstances must reserve a separate hotel room in case they’re sharing their regular hotel room with friends or a spouse. There are a couple more reputable escort agencies in Las Vegas, but they all deal in illegal prostitution so clients really have no lawful recourse. The end result of booking an indie verses a Professional Legal Brothel Courtesan may be that the John didn’t save any money at all, but they were definitely put at risk concerning an assault, STDs, loss of money they’re carrying and being arrested!

    Sheri’s offers a selection of 24 Courtesans at peak times, and clients are able to converse with them prior to committing to a party; however, if you make an appointment with an anonymous indie you don’t usually get a choice once she arrives for your date. If a John finds that she’s not what they expected and they wish to cancel their date, they’ll usually be obligated to compensate the indie for her time.

    If a client becomes involved in a dispute with an indie it can result in a physical altercation and they may ultimately be arrested for assault. In addition, the client may be assaulted by her pimp or bodyguard. If a John is defrauded by an indie they are not usually at liberty to notify the police because they were involved in an illegal activity. Also, a client may pick up an indie prostitute in a casino bar and be taken somewhere to be robbed or worse.

    Illegal prostitutes are not subject to STD testing and a client can’t have them tested prior to sex. Keep in mind there has never been a STD Case Reportedly Transmitted in Legal Nevada Brothels. However, Las Vegas Nevada Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistics are alarming for indie prostitutes including escorts; in 2008 there were 433 cases of Aids reported and a condom or dental dam may not provide foolproof protection.

    Las Vegas is the gambling capitol of the United States, but does a client desiring sex want to wager their health or their life or risk STD infecting their domestic partner or spouse? http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/bad-advise/#post-2736


    Eva nailed it too. You are ‘paying’ for peace of mind.

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