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    Yeah, why?

    Charina Lee

    This is interesting….if you look at a lot of articles written about how women have been treated throughout history you end up getting about 30 different perspectives. Some say it dates back to biblical days where women were treated as human beings, however, were definitely treated like chattel. Then you have those that believe throughout our history that in our darker, more violent days of the past, women had to be protected and that is also true. I guess it was better to be “owned” by a man than thrown to the wolves!!!!

    If you look at the way the hard core feminists think…..wow…they believe that all men think ALL women are whores!

    I think that to understand the way women have been treated in the past, you also have to know a little history and accept the fact that history dictates how human beings treat one another.

    I don’t know if I’m saying it the right way, but I don’t know too many men that treat women that way any more.
    But I’m sure there are some!




    No it is unexepteble in some times it is a calture thing in others it is ignorance you must remember women should be treated with respect


    There’s a whole host of negative attitudes I don’t understand. Why do people hate based off race or sexual preference? Why do people litter? Why do people feel it’s their business to tell others what they can/cannot do with their own bodies? Chalk it up to the imperfection that is the human animal. It’s an unfortunate reality that most people suck, so all we can try to do is raise the bar and be better.


    Ditto Pierced.

    Charina Lee

    Great comments Pierced!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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