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    Amber Lynn

    Just got back to the ranch with my partner in crime OLIVIA…so happy to be reunited again!

    Who wants to CUM play with us?

    Two is always better then one…don’t you think?


    Dear Amber & Olivia,
    Nobody could ever go wrong spending special intimate time together with either Amber or Olivia, since you’re both fantastic companions and erotic lovers! I don’t know if my heart and another part of my body can take the climatic stimulation of two smoking hot sensuous blondes though, but I’d like to experience that newly discovered fantasy of mine!

    Amber Lynn & Olivia’s Official Page reviews, photo albums, profile, schedule and statistics…

    Amber: http://www.sherisranch.com/lady.aspx?id=466

    Olivia: http://www.sherisranch.com/lady.aspx?id=436


    You know, there are only a limited number of hearts available for transplant. Pretty sure a session with you two would do the one I have in.



    You definitely can’t go wrong with the both of us!! She is the Yin to my Yang, the cheese to my burger, I’m the oreo to her cookie… Wait.. That came out wrong… You guys get it! We are a dynamic duo and take all matters of the heart into consideration when we’re together!! It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be super wild and crazy.. Well, maybe just a little… We can make it an experience fit for you personally, however soft, wild, sensual, dominating or tantilizing you want it!!
    It is definitely always fun having my parter in cime here with me… Makes the week that much more fun and interesting!

    Amber Lynn

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Olivia! This is exactly why you the salt to my pepper…the ping to my pong…my partner in crime!

    We always have the most incredible experiences together!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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