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    Hi Flint!

    I’m not aware of any Valentine’s Day Party.
    I believe the only events we host is the Bordello Thunder Run, the Halloween Party and the Christmas Party at this time.

    Will update if anything changes.


    The Corporate office, nor the IT department, is aware of any email issues currently going on (as of 12/19/19).
    Any emails sent directly to the ladies themselves, are received in their inbox.
    LADIES: If you have any issues with your email, please immediately contact Aaron so they can be fixed asap.
    Thank you.


    Halloween Party was great!

    Christmas Party date is TBD at this time.


    No, Cassie has been here for 5 – 10 years.
    She has been away from the ranch for sometime, and is back now.


    Halloween Party is October 19th this year.

    Christmas Party is TBD.


    You will indeed be asked for a drivers license / ID / valid passport when you enter the property to ensure you are at least 21 years or older, but no, we do not store any of your information.
    Please note: when using a credit or debit card, you will be fingerprinted to authorize the charge.


    By the double doors near the parlor. The voyeur shade comes up so you can see out onto the property.


    The Sex Tape room is not inside of a pre-existing bungalow, but in a room of its own.
    You can read more about the sex tape room here:


    Hi Flint!

    Many of the ladies already have schedules posted from April through July.

    The ladies’ schedules only display 3 months at a time, so when May is here, you will see all the way to August.

    Hope that helps!


    Generally when hair color changes, they get updated.
    As far as age goes, the system automatically updates it once their birthday comes.


    Please email the ladies you are interested in directly to find out if they cater to this specific fetish or not.


    I recommend reserving as far in advance as you can. The sooner notice the better.
    If you must wait, I’d say at least a couples days notice before you arrive at the very latest.


    Dates have been confirmed for the Sheri’s Ranch 2018 Holiday Parties.

    Halloween Party: October 27th
    Christmas Party: December 15th

    You can still party on the day prior to the Halloween or Christmas party or after whichever you and the lady of your choice prefers. This actually will make your trip even more memorable.

    Party, food, drinks and sex, what more could anyone ask for!


    I believe there is, but I haven’t heard anything official as of yet.


    Unfortunately Allissa is the only one with access to that content, so if she chooses not to publish here, there isn’t anything I’m able to do. I do apologize Flint.



    You can find them posted on Youtube.

    Here is the link to Allissa’s channel:


    Generally, unless the lady specifically asks for them to be taken down, they stay up.
    Many ladies who do retire, come back so we like to have everything in order when they do return.


    The schedules listed go 3 months out, so you will not see August, September and October until July.


    All of our clients are important to us.
    But yes, the goal is to bring in more locals.
    The roads were recently being re-paved and for months our locals were unable to reach us without having to go the “long way” around, making it a hassle to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with us so we would like to see more locals come back and enjoy food and beverages at a discount.


    At this time we do not have any future parties scheduled.
    We will update the forum when something comes up 🙂

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 67 total)
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