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How To Choose The Best Condom For You

As a single woman dating in Las Vegas, condoms have always been a must. Now that I’ve become a courtesan in the wild west, I am truly home among advocates for safe sexual practices. I’d like to start my first blog with a bit of chat on condoms and sizes. You’ve probably seen the magical sex aisle full of flavored, studded, ribbed, fiery, icy standard condoms and the after thought of the plain larges if they are stocked at all. They also come in a smaller size which I’ve only been able to purchase online due to the dust they tend to collect on the store shelves. Understandable that manly men don’t like to be seen reaching for the iron grip, snugger fit boxes. If you are buying condoms for safe, naked fun, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Go ahead, grab a box. In fact, grab two and rock the night right!

With all the choices out there, you need to know which hat to wear to the party. Many men like to boast they are blessed with generous inches in length but it’s secondary in condom size consideration. The first is the thickness. Laugh all you like but you must respect the girth. I assure you, a magnum man can have a three inch whopper while his neighbor sports a seven inch torch with a need for a snugger. The best way to know what condom will suit you best is to grab that… measuring tape. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that spring so you’ll want to be fully aroused for accuracy. If you need a touch of inspiration, check out the ladies. Once you achieve a mighty erection, wrap the measuring tape around the thickest part of your member. Don’t have a measuring tape? Try using a string to measure and lay it out by a ruler. Your result in millimeters will help determine if you need a snug, standard or large. Next, take your measuring tape (or string) and place it on the base of your tower. (I just love penis euphemisms!) From your pubic bone to the very tip, measure your length. Go ahead, you have my permission this time.


Now that you have your numbers, there’s no need to spend hours in the family planning aisle struggling through all the fine print. The good people at www.condom-sizes.org have put together a fantastic condom size chart for you with an awesome variety of brands. Starting with the snuggest size available at 49 mm with a max length of 7.5.” The medium condoms range between 190 mm – 200 mm at a max length of 7.9″. The next size up is considered large starting at 54 mm – 58 mm and a max length of 8.46″. Many large condoms offer a flare at the head for additional thinking space which ranges between 59.5mm – 65mm according to the chart. If you feel the dimensions of the off- the- rack condoms just aren’t right for you, My.Size is a German brand offering custom condoms with 7 sizes available including larges at a width of 69mm. TheyFit custom condoms is also an amazing option with 95 different sizes available. They are a UK brand helping men of every design suit up for maximum protection. “But Paloma, what do you keep in your nightstand?” you ask. I recommend the latex Slimfit by Glyde. For standard I use non-latex Skyn and non-latex Skyn Large by Lifestyles.

The strawberry Slimfit by Glyde are my favorite. It’s unfortunate that I do not know of any non latex snug fits in existence. In the event of a snug or an extra large male organ with an allergy to latex, I use a female condom. By far, female condoms are truly my favorite. In my experience, most gentlemen also prefer them. The female condom, the FC2, is a non-latex barrier method that looks like the king of all condoms judging by its generous size alone. It is made of polyurethane so it is compatible with water, silicone or oil based lubes unlike latex which is only compatible with water based lubricants. The female inserts the FC2 prior to playtime. It has a soft, plastic ring on the inside and one on the outside. Once inserted, the inner ring sits above the pubic bone to keep the device in place. I add extra slipperyness with a good lube and away we go! The male does not feel the restriction of the traditional condom and it truly feels the closest to wearing nothing. Whether male to enjoy it or female to wear it, one size simply fits all. It’s great for threesomes so the ladies don’t need to exhaust their male condom supply every time we want to, ahem, switch. It’s even good for anal sex. As you know, you can go vaginal to anal but never anal to vaginal for health reasons. With a female condom in place you can! That is if she’ll let you.

Overall, I want you to reconsider your condoms if they tend to slip, grip too tightly or you’ve experienced a few breaks. A proper fit is always sexy and the fun that comes when you aren’t tinkering with an ill fitting rubber is worth it. For the moments the urge strikes, reach for the suit sized just for you. Stay safe and have fun. I know I will.


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