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March Madness: A Hot Time For Less Than $1 Billion

March Madness is madder than ever thanks to mega-billionaire Warren Buffet.

Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, in a partnership with Dan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans, will award $1 billion to anyone who fills out a perfect 2014 NCAA tournament bracket.

Wow! Right?

Working so close to Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world and party central for March Madness, I’ve noticed that everyone is abuzz about this unprecedented billion dollar prize. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a billionaire?

But what exactly are your odds of winning Buffet’s big prize?  According to the contest’s Facebook page your chances of guessing the billion dollar bracket are one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 “which may vary depending upon the knowledge and skill of the Entrant.”

That number is in the quintillions, which essentially means that it is virtually impossible to win. But there’s once place in the Las Vegas area where the odds are in your favor throughout March Madness party season…

Sheri’s Ranch: We’re Sexier than Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is one sexy man with one sexy prize, but my fellow courtesans and I are a heck of a lot sexier – and the odds of having the hottest March Madness party of your life with us is much, much better than your odds of winning Mr. Buffet’s billion. In fact, we’re a sure thing.

Here are three ways that legal Nevada prostitutes can make your March Madness unforgettable…

Down and Dirty in the Locker Room

You just finished watching the best game of the season; the cheerleaders performed their last dance and are walking off the court and into the locker rooms, where you’re covertly waiting for them. Looking through a hidden peephole, you quietly sit and take in all that is happening before your eyes. Every undressing beauty, every hair toss, every “accidental” brush up against each other, every breast, hip, and belly button coming out of uniform.

One by one the ladies start walking to the showers, that’s when the cheer captain discovers you and, to your delight, grabs your hand and pulls you in to participate. What happens next is completely up to your vivid imagination.


GFE Sports Night

The tournament is on the flat screen and the tantra chair is close enough to use during half time. We make a game out of watching the game. Every time your team makes a 3 point shot, you roll the dice and do something naughty to me. Every time the opposing team makes a 3, I return the sensual favor. During commercials we can give each other full body, naked massages. Slowly building the anticipation for the end of the game, we tease, caress, and push limits until we cannot take it anymore.

If your team wins we get to do as many erotic things that you want, if the opposing team wins, we get to do all the positions I want AND we have to try a few either of us haven’t done before…

Party like a High Roller

You don’t need to win Buffet’s billion to party like a hot shot with multiple women in a decadent orgy of ecstasy…

You see a gorgeous woman from across the sports bar, she gives you the most seductive and inviting smile you have ever laid eyes on. You strike up a conversation and move things over to her bedroom. She invites her best girlfriend in to the conversation and they describe a too-good-to-be-true fantasy that you have been anxious to experience.

The champagne is popping, the music is setting the mood, and clothes are nowhere to be found. Whipped cream, blind folds, handcuffs, and mind blowing sex all over the place. We even play a nice little game of “who’s in my mouth?” Two beautiful women completely devouring you, having their way with you in every naughty way possible, you’re partying it up like your favorite ball player, or Warren Buffet, would. What more could you ask for?


NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness (Past Ten Years) Winners and Losers

Year Winner Record Loser Score
2013 Louisville 35-5 Michigan 82-76
2012 Kentucky 38-2 Kansas 67-59
2011 Connecticut 32-9 Butler 53-41
2010 Duke 35-5 Butler 61-59
2009 North Carolina 34-3 Mich. State 89-72
2008 Kansas 37-3 Memphis 75-68 (OT)
2007 Florida 35-5 Ohio State 84-75
2006 Florida 33-6 UCLA 73-57
2005 North Carolina 33-4 Illinois 75-70
2004 Connecticut 33-6 Georgia Tech 82-73


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