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The Naughty Little Secret of CES

CES, the international Consumer Electronics Show held annually in Las Vegas, showcases the most innovative consumer technologies and attracts pioneering business luminaries and tech industry thought leaders from across the globe. With over 150,000 attendees, CES is one of the largest and most anticipated Las Vegas conventions. Moreover, because the products unveiled during CES affect how people will use technology to enhance their lives in the coming year, it is a global event observed by millions glued to their smartphones, anxiously awaiting news about the next miraculous mechanism that will have a profound impact on them and the society in which they live.

There is an electricity in the air during CES, a palpable excitement surrounding the coming together of so many trailblazers, and the people who love their products, in one locale. It is a celebration of human achievement, and Sin City knows how to celebrate.

Over the years, it has become increasingly evident that several CES goers, consumed by the festive atmosphere of the convention, tremendously enjoy partaking of the numerous “after party” opportunities that the Las Vegas area offers – not the least of which is a sex resort on the outskirts of the city, staffed with more than two dozen libidinous women licensed to practice prostitution. Not long after CES decided to call Las Vegas home in 1998, a relationship started to develop between jubilant conventioners and the closest legal brothel from Vegas.

The unofficial brothel of CES

For several years now, Sheri’s Ranch has been the naughty little secret of CES. Sheri’s relationship with CES conventioners is such that the brothel’s revenue increases nearly 70% during the week of CES, due in part to repeat customers who stop in for their annual CES rendezvous.

The bordello’s proximity to Vegas, wide selection of ladies, complimentary car service, and VIP accommodations make for the perfect opportunity to sneak away from the convention for a sexual tryst. Additionally, as a state-certified institution, Sheri’s Ranch is STD and HIV free, absolutely discreet, and safe. Visitors enjoy limitless carnal pleasure without risking their health or the embarrassment and reputation damage associated with getting caught in an illegal act.

Just in time for CES. The nuru massage parlor at Sheri’s Ranch.

What’s new for CES 2015?

In recent years, Sheri’s Ranch unveiled new VIP bungalows and specialty sex offerings prior to the convention, such as their suite of six fantasy role-play rooms launched just in time for the 2013 show. This year, the resort has added a nuru massage parlor, a brand new specialty room where clients can experience a legendary Japanese body-on-body massage with one (or more) of the available courtesans. In fact, Sheri’s is the only place in the United States where customers can legally participate in this coveted erotic act.

In addition to the nuru specialty room, the brothel launched another new offering in 2014: sex vacation packages. Demand from an ever increasing number of men, women, and couples visiting Sheri’s for extended stays lead to the creation of vacation deals that include a stay in the resort’s on-site hotel, dinner with a lady of the customer’s choice, and a voucher toward a sex party. The brothel expects their friends from CES to take full advantage of this convenient new option in 2015.

The CES 2015 lineup!

One of the most common questions Sheri’s gets from CES conventioners is “Who will be working there during CES?” To make it easy for those considering a visit to the Las Vegas area’s premier bordello, below is a list of all ladies in-house and ready for action during CES 2015. Just click on a thumbnail to view the courtesan’s full profile.

Sheri’s Ranch would like to sincerely thank all of our past, present, and future customers from CES. We hope to continue to provide you with the finest in adult entertainment for many years to come, and remain your naughty little secret…

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