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Be My Valentine Sundae

With all the hoopla over Valentine’s Day mostly among couples, we’ve decided to put together a special Valentine’s Package for Single Guys wanting to indulge in your favorite brothel lady with cherries and topped off with whipped cream!

Our delightful twist on the traditional Valentine’s holiday festivities go way beyond a box of Chocolates and Roses. Although, you may also bring them to your favorite Valentine’s courtesan when you visit.

Now it’s off to the Nuru Room to testne your sundae making skills. Lavishly drip your favorite flavor or warm fondue sauce all over her body, add some cherries to the most delicious places, and lick up every inch of your finished product. Oh, and don’t forget the whipped cream!

Getting a Visual Here!

The Valentines package includes your Nuru Room appointment and all the fixings for creating the perfect sundae. Book your Valentine’s “Sundae” package today with one of the delicious ladies of Sheri’s Ranch!

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