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Breasts, Boobs, and Busty Beauties [PHOTOS]

No matter what you call them — tits, jugs, knockers, hooters, melons, headlights, or boobies — breasts are without a doubt the single most popular physical attribute in human history. All women have them, and most men like them — a lot. Many a guy has found himself in that embarrassing situation: he’s having an innocuous conversation with a woman and, before he knows what happened, he discovers his eyes staring straight into her marvelous cleavage, transfixed beyond his control by those hypnotic bulbous globes.

For centuries, men have discussed the merits of breasts of all shapes and sizes, from the “pleasant handful” to the face-smothering “gazongas.” What better place to continue this discussion than a legal Nevada brothel, where licensed courtesans of every variety are available for a gentleman’s pleasure. These women not only have the tata’s to fit your taste, but they are also well versed in every type of breast adventure imaginable.

The courtesans featured in the slideshow below are Allissa, Amber Lynn, Angelica, Baby Doll, Cassie, Destini, Emma, Kitty Cat, Red Diamonds, Riley, and Tatyana. Just click on a thumbnail to view an image.

Do you have a preference? Join the conversation and discuss your breast obsession in the comment section. Got a breast fantasy that you’re itching to live out? Send a private message to your lady of choice and reveal to her all of your naughty desires…

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