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Escorts on Twitter

For several years, escorts and other types of sex workers have been using Twitter to advertise their services, and the legal prostitutes of Nevada are no exception. Courtesans working in legal brothels like Sheri’s Ranch can be found tweeting titillating tidbits about everything from their schedule and availability to their current attire (or lack thereof).

While prostitution has been around since the beginning of human existence, it has only been legal in Nevada since 1971 in the form of licensed bordellos. These brothels are allowed to function only in rural areas below a certain population threshold. In 1979 a state law was enacted prohibiting traditional advertising of brothels in the densely populated counties where prostitution is illegal. In order for Nevada’s prostitutes to reach potential customers in Las Vegas, Reno, and the rest of the world, they have turned to social media. Twitter’s up-to-the-minute news feed and wieldy mobile interface make it the social utility of choice for working girls who enjoy engaging in flirtatious exchanges and heated discussions with the online community.

Below is a list of Nevada sex workers who are active on Twitter. While it may at first seem like these tantalizing tweeters are nothing more than carefree coquettes, they are actually the only legitimately professional sex workers in the United States. The women associated with these official Twitter accounts are licensed by their county to practice prostitution legally and safely.  They are tested weekly for STD’s and maintain the highest level of health standards when servicing a client.

So if you’re active on social media, don’t be shy…follow these legal courtesans on Twitter and join the sexiest conversation the twitterverse has to offer.

Click on a thumbnail below to visit the official Twitter account for each of these legal Nevada escorts!


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