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The Goddess of the Big Breast Fetish

Breast development is one of the many signs of entering womanhood. When a young woman enters puberty, her body changes in physical appearance. Thighs, tits, hips and a couple of other things can change, and these changes can be quite dramatic. Men and woman alike are attracted to the physical appearance of a woman’s body and one change can stand out more then another. Being skinny, thick, tall, short, having a large bust, or a big butt are characteristics that will affect each individual differently.

At a young age my body started to transform, I remember being the first girl in my school going through these changes. I started off as a skinny girl with a bubble butt to a well-developed preteen. Quickly into puberty my hips widened and my thighs thickened, which made me a little self-conscious about my body. Then a 36 DD bust came along and I just couldn’t stand those tits because I was very active and athletic. Later in life I gained a few more cup sizes and a greater appreciation for my body. My soft luscious breasts are now a heavy 36 H, my hips are 45″ wide. I stand elegantly large and in charge with an hour glass figure.

When a man comes to the brothel looking for a full figured woman with extremely large breasts, I am often the courtesan of choice. I usually have the largest cup size in the lineup and I learned quickly that this attribute was highly sought after. Personality, red hair, and natural beauty go a long way, but not like the physical desire for my breasts.

Possessing the mammaries that drive men wild is one thing, but learning how to use them is another. In my line of work Iโ€™ve found that men with a breast fetish enjoy numerous sexual activities and positions centering on a womanโ€™s bosom. A few examples of these unique sex parties are detailed below.

Lusty Explorations And Ideas

One of the rarest but most erotic demands for these 36H breasts is to be wrapped around a man’s penis. The party begins with oral and ends with an intense release. I soak my tits with lubricant while I orally prep him in foreplay. The client will hold my tits tightly around him while I hover over his lower region and move up and down at whatever pace he pleases. This orgasm is without penetration, but has the same satisfying feeling. I can also arrange it to where I lay down holding my breasts while he takes charge.

Men with breast fetishes usually do something really unique with them. Decorating my breasts as a sundae is one of those delicious yet sticky fetishes. Ice cream, chocolate syrup, sliced fruit, caramel and whip cream have been placed in between my breasts and over my nipples. I tend to start this session with a light dinner together to save room for dessert. You start in between my breasts and move outward to my nipples. Tongue and lips are used to clear away my thoughtfully decorated body parts. An orally fixated man with a desire to taste my breasts will find this very appealing.

My voluptuous twins can massage you from head to toe, limb to limb. After warming lotion, I make you lay face down and begin a teasing phase where you can feel, but not touch. You feel my nipples gently going up and down your body and then a heavier pressure of my whole breast used in a circular motion. When I turn you over I smother your face and work my way down your chest. The sensation of my breasts in motion creates arousal that leads to a happy ending that you’ll never forget.

No matter what attracts you to me, I always yearn for more creative ways to satisfy and be satisfied. What I offer emotionally compliments my physical beauty. So if anything about me, including my bust, gets your attention, then perhaps we should get acquainted.

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