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Who is the Girl Next Door?

One of the great romantic archetypes of all time is the All-American girl next door. She’s constantly referenced in everyday conversation – “a girl next door quality” – yet one rarely takes the time to consider the attributes that make her such a captivating paradigm of purity…and prurience.

As a certified girl next door and legal courtesan, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring what makes this archetype so unique and desirable for men seeking a genuine girlfriend experience. Below I present the four characteristics of the irresistible girl next door.


1. Approachable yet unattainable

So sweet and easy to talk to yet so hard to make your own. With a tenderhearted nature and easy going personality you could approach the girl next door and speak with her about almost anything. She gives off a genuine vibe of sincere compassion that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and cared for. However, despite how approachable she is the girl next door is completely unattainable. Despite the comforting feeling you receive and the great friendship that you have, you can never seem to get to her in a romantic way.

 2. So innocent yet so sexual

In your eyes you still see the girl next door as the cute 11 year old your little sister used to play with as a child. She has always been so sweet, pure, and innocent in your mind, but as you grew older something changed. No longer do you see her as just the cutie you used to play with as a child, but rather this natural beauty you’re scared to want for fear of ruining her pure and almost virginal persona. However, there is something about her that you find so completely erotic you can’t help your thoughts of wanting to become romantically involved. This internal battle exists in your head comparing thoughts of her in a sweet and innocent way to thoughts of her in an extremely sexual way. On one hand you can’t help but still think of her as your kid friend, yet on the other you can’t help but imagine what sort of sexual being is hiding behind the innocence.

 3. What you see is what you get

Unlike other relationships that hurt you, confused you, and played games with you, your relationship with the girl next door truly defines “what you see is what you get.” A refreshing change from always trying to guess how to make someone happy, she will always be completely honest with you about her needs. You will always know where you stand with her and never have to worry that she is playing games or testing you. Being able to fully trust and never worry if she is lying or hiding a secret from you can be a great relief and bring the relationship to a level you’ve never experienced before.

 4. The perfect ONE for you

Sitting right under your nose for your entire life, the girl next door is the perfect one for you. As friends you never noticed her in that romantic way, but she really does possess all the qualities you want in a girlfriend. She’s the one you would want to bring home to your family — and you know that if the two of you started your own family your values would match up perfectly. She’s the one who doesn’t need to be spoiled with presents to stick around, just genuine love and companionship. She’s the one who’s completely trustworthy and reliable — and she’s the one who will never break your heart. She’s the perfect one for you; she’s the girl next door.

 The Girl Next Door GFE

The girl next door doesn’t have to be just a fantasy; it can be a reality with me. You don’t have to fantasize about her and be saddened by the fact that you can never seem to get her. I possess all the qualities of the girl next door and can completely immerse you in the girlfriend experience of your dreams. Now you can do all of the naughty things you’ve wanted to do for so long with the girl you’ve always seen as sweet, pure, and innocent. You can have the complete girlfriend experience and connect with someone on a physical, emotional, and intellectual level. I’ll be waiting here for you to come fulfill all your fantasies.

All images feature Violet from Sheri’s Ranch. 

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