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Cross Dressing Fetish Party

The idea of a man hiking up a pair of sexy fishnet thigh highs, putting on a form fitting dress, dolling themselves up with make-up, and stepping into sky high stilettos to look as beautiful and feminine as possible, is a wildly misinterpreted desire. By societal standards such practices are considered to  be oddly perverted. However, the idea of this fetish takes place in countries world wide, across various ethnicities, and is commonly referred to as transvestism and/or cross-dressing.

Cross-dressing is often classified and stereotyped by the  uneducated as appealing to predominately homosexual men trying to further explore more diverse elements of their homoerotic tendencies. This conventionalized train of thought could not be further from the truth. Transvestic and/or cross-dressing fetishes are actually the third most requested fetishes amongst legal brothels in the state of Nevada. Furthermore, ninety-four percent of men who indulge in this fetish are heterosexual, venturing into various aspects of arousal, looking to climax while relating to their more feminine side. Men new to the experience of cross-dressing often have mixed emotions as to why they seek arousal from exploring femininity, and at times question their own personal sexuality as a result. In hind sight, these men are seeking the freedom to indulge in a fantasy that will leave them wildly aroused and wanting more.

There are numerous reasons behinds a mans decision to explore this seemingly unusual yet erotic fetish, and can vary dependending on the individual circumstance. The most common explanations are; sexual gratification, ones personal effort to express his feminine side, and the idea of a man experiencing how it feels to command the attention how a strong women does.

Why Be A Cross-Dresser?

Sexual Gratification

A man can be aroused simply by a woman’s scent, or the touch and feel of her clothes draped over her body. Thus they have a strong desire to emulate such actions to further stimulate their sexuality. The excitement generated from the simple act of slipping into a lacy pair of panties accompanied with thigh highs and a pretty pair of pumps may be the desired stimulant that triggers the ultimate climax and explosion.

Express Femininity

Everyone wants to ability to be able to have the freedom of expression. In exploring cross-dressing, a man is able to connect with his feminine side. In connecting with his female alter ego, a man sheds the stereotypical norms placed by society enabling him to portray his hidden feminine emotions. Thus, finding it liberating to walk, talk, and even cry like a women. Expressing these characteristics is not only liberating, it allows him to forget the daily burdens and responsibilities that being a “big strong man” entails. In doing so a man is able to find comfort in his femininity, ultimately eliminating his stress in his day to day life.

Woman in Power

Women are beautiful creatures, with the capability of captivating audiences and capturing the attention of man through their beauty and charm. Although men are powerful in their own right, a man truly in touch with his feminine side is not only intrigued but aroused when he is capable of portraying a powerful woman in charge. Adequately commanding attention, turning heads is a adrenalin rush. It is this power that is biologically related to the progression of the humanity.

There are a wide variety of transvestite fetish parties, all dependent on the type of experience each individual man is seeking, as well as the diverse rationale behind ones effort to become more in tune with his feminine side. I personally have catered to numerous types of cross-dressing fantasies, all very different. No two transvestite experiences are ever the same.


Types of Cross-Dressing Parties

Newbie Cross-Dressing Party

Some men newly exploring the idea of cross dressing may get their toes wet simply by putting on a pair of thigh high stocking during an intimate encounter with a beautiful women. The idea of incorporating a small dose of femininity into a sexual escapade with their female partner may be all that is needed to trigger further exploration into the world or cross-dressing.

Slumber Party

Other men hope to reconnect with their more youthful playful side, choosing to temporally escape reality by recreating childhood memories through “slumber parties”. Slumber parties are a fun way to have quality “girl” bonding time. Putting on make-up, playing with each other’s hair, and getting further aroused by sharing an intimate frolic in a  bubble bath.

Transvestic Multi-Fetish Party

Some men choose to go a completely different route, combining a variety of other fetishes with cross-dressing. For example, Sharing an intimate and erotic smoking party, sensuously blowing smoke all over one another’s feminine curves. Or perhaps indulging a bit of pampering with a dual pedicure that possibly leads into even more foot fetish fun.

Public Humiliation

Men wanting to further explore a more erratic fantasy loath in the idea of being transformed into the beautiful woman they always imagined themselves being. Upon the completion of their effeminate transformation, they find erotic stimulation and gratification by being put on display for public humiliation.

When men entertain their cross-dressing fantasy, they will undoubtedly revisit and play out their transvestite dreams on a continual basis, perhaps even introducing new ideas as they progress along the way. Every man who engages in cross-dressing has a different meaning and definition to his idea of the perfect transvestite fetish experience, and what it may or may not entail. Thus, no two cross-dressing parties are ever the same.

There is no denying that all men have some type of wild fetish and/or fantasy lurking in the back of their subconscious mind. It’s time to let all inhibitions go, and make that fantasy a reality.

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