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Foot Fetish, Footjobs, and other Feet Fantasies

While we know that the attraction to the female foot has existed since the beginning of man, historians, psychiatrists and scientists have tried to explain why some people develop a foot fetish. Regardless of the reason or the cause, loving feet is one of the most common fetishes. Celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Quentin Tarantino, Andy Warhol, Ludacris, Christian Slater, Jay Leno and Tommy Lee are all known foot fetishists.

What is a foot fetish?

Foot fetish is a partialist sexual fixation with the human foot. A foot fetishist is more profoundly attracted to feet than any other physical attribute of the female body. This intense attraction can manifest itself as an obsession with the look, feel, and/or smell of feet. The fetish offers a wide variety of fun and sexy scenarios involving these erotic extremities, several of which I happen to specialize in.

Types of foot parties

While having a foot fetish is not uncommon, there’s still a certain stigma attributed to men with such an inclination. Often times, a gentleman’s significant other doesn’t understand his desire or is unwilling to indulge him in his foot fantasies. Because of the “vanilla” thinking of many women, a man often practices his fetish discreetly with sex workers who will fully accommodate his deepest fantasies without judgment or contempt.

Below are a few of the foot fetish parties that I have experience with. However, it should be noted that no two foot fetishists are alike. It’s important for courtesans like me to always be open to new and delightful expressions of foot-play. There are so many wonderfully naughty things that can be experienced with a foot lover, from nylon fetishes to toe-sucking to foot worship, and I’m willing and able to help you experiment with them all.

Beautiful caucasian woman feetFootjob

Do you want me to bring you to sweet release using only my feet? My perfectly shaped and meticulously manicured feet will dexterously rub and caress your throbbing manhood until you just can’t hold back any longer. The footjob is one of the most requested foot fetish scenarios.

Foot Domination

For the dominant, there’s the pleasure of foot tickling-restraining your sub and watching her convulse with laughter as you drag your finger tips, tongue, brushes, feathers or anything you can think of along the soles of their feet and between their toes.

Foot Submission

For the submissive, there’s the ultimate submission of massaging your foot mistress’s feet, sucking my toes, licking my soles or having your face used as my footrest. Into role-playing? You can be my captive slave in a kidnapping scenario, my prisoner of war, my piece of human furniture who’s only purpose is to be my footrest; my carpet.

Foot Trampling

Do you enjoy feeling the weight of your foot mistress on you? Me standing over you with my foot planted on your chest or your face? I will trample and crush you like the worm you are in my heels, boots or barefoot if you’re lucky. Consider this a privilege!

Dirty foot-play

My feet can be scrubbed clean or unwashed for you dirty foot lovers. You’re job is to lick every bit of dirt and sweat off them until I’m satisfied that you did a good job. Enjoy the scent of my feet that have been encased in leather boots all day. Sniff them on my command and leave with the scent of my perfect feet on your face!

What are you waiting for foot lovers?  Come play with me. There will be no judgment and no shame. Live out the feet fantasies that “vanilla girls” are unable or unwilling to satisfy for you!

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