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Latex Fetish!

As a licensed courtesan here at a legal Nevada Brothel, I do possess quite an interesting sexual background and vast array of experiences in all forms of eroticism, including numerous fetishes. Although I am very well-known and renowned by my suitors for my authentic and intimate GFE parties, I do offer alternative parties for certain interests. And I do have a very in-depth personal understanding as well as extensive experience with fetish exploration. Latex Fetish happens to be my favorite.

Latex Fetish, or latex fetishism, is the fetishistic attraction to people wearing latex clothing or, in certain cases, to the garments or actual materials themselves. Latex is psychologically compelling as well as a highly aesthetic and tactile fetish. One big reason why latex is fetishized is that the garment forms a “second skin,” acting as a fetishistic surrogate for the wearer’s own skin. Wearers of the body hugging, skin-tight rubber can appear naked or coated in a very shiny substance like paint. The restrictive tightness of the garments may also be seen, felt and experienced as a form of sexual bondage. The fetish community embraced it due to its restrictive nature, as the feeling of being “confined and bound” is of course highly eroticized.

Ada Lovelace is a Licensed sex worker at Sheri’s Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada

Another reason why the shiny garments have become so loved is that they are produced to have a soft, wet and slippery almost silk like finish, which lends a tactile dimension to the fetish as well as a visual one. Many people (like myself) find nothing more erotic than caressing the freshly lubed “second skin” of another person donning rubber.

And of course, there are the capabilities for endless transformations! Who doesn’t love to dress up? Latex fetish and couture has expanded and evolved rapidly over the decades. With the options of catsuits, costumes, corsets, uniforms, masks and various lingerie, the possibilities are endless.

Ever want to make love to a beautiful nurse in a sexy, skin tight uniform? Easy!

Ever want to live out that Catwoman fantasy? Done!

Ever fantasized about being slowly encased in sheets of latex by a vacuum bed? Sure thing!

I will never forget my first latex experience as it was truly life changing. I recall walking past the fetish store in my big city and staring at the sexy, shiny garments on the mannequins in awe excited for the day I could finally enter the store.

Since the store also sold adult toys I had to wait until I turned 18, and I did so somewhat impatiently. Only one day after my 18th birthday I went into the store and quickly flashed my driver’s license proudly and made a quick bee line to the section with rubber clothing. The second I touched a soft, slippery, shiny latex dress I was instantly hooked! The lady who owned the store came up to me and asked if I wanted to try it on. I simply nodded excitedly as I was speechless. Since latex clothing is so tight and delicate it requires talcum powder or silicone lubricant to get into. I opted for the latter. As you can imagine, rubbing oneself (or another) all over in lube alone is like foreplay. I slid into the attire and rubbed the tight dress to an ultimate polished shine. It not only felt truly amazing, but the feeling of the soft slippery second skin instilled in me a feeling of transformation. Wearing latex made me feel like I could finally be the dominant, empowered sex goddess that was hiding inside me.

As I was purchasing the dress, something else caught my eye that I had to try on next. A beautiful black latex catsuit that reminded me of Julie Newmar’s Catwoman who I adored so much when I would watch the old reruns of the 1960’s Batman series on TV. That day I quickly became a changed young woman who had just found herself.

Latex clothing has certainly evolved over the years to appeal to the mainstream folks, not just kinksters. Between the shiny beauty of it and the decadent and sexy feel to it, what is not to love? I have turned many “vanilla” men and women into lovers of latex. One glance of me wearing latex and my lovers are aroused instantly — and once they touch my latex-clad body, they share my love for the luxuriant leathery fetish for life. Latex can intensify touch, so being caressed while wearing latex can feel mind-blowing. The constriction of latex not only heightens physical sensitivity but also makes your body ultra-sensitive to temperature. So as things start to heat up, so do the parties involved. You do not have to be having sex to enjoy the tactile sensations. Foreplay is a huge cornerstone in the latex lifestyle and the ritual of “lubing up” is very erotic and is a huge part of it which enhances the experience and can lead to absolutely euphoric sex!

If you are seeking a professional encounter involving latex, do know that intercourse is never offered at kink related venues and BDSM dungeons. Only here, in a licensed Nevada brothel, can we explore every conceivable latex-fueled fantasy, including those of a deeply penetrative nature. I invite you to lube up and discover a new part of yourself, turn fantasy into reality, and indulge in this world with the help of my experienced hands.

Stay shiny!

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