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I have to jump in here again…to clarify my previous post and add a little to the discussion. I apologize if I’m long-winded…but sometimes that’s how I roll! LOL!

On my “Truth in Advertising” comment: I meant just that. Sheri’s ladies’ are independent contractors, and if one uses Photoshop to hide her tattoos, it seems she may be setting herself up for a potential business loss if a client discovers her art at first meeting and is not a fan. Why take that risk? That seems counter-productive to closing deals, right?

And I don’t understand what message is being conveyed by hiding art in profiles? I don’t like my art, or, I feel bad about my art? My art is personal, so I don’t want to show my art? Someone may recognize me here at Sheri’s if they see my art? From the responses here, some have their own preference and disposition on whether art is a turn-on or turn-off. For some it’s a definite selective factor. So why throw a potential deal-breaker into the mix by hiding it? Not being critical, just trying to understand.

To be fair, it’s not all up to the ladies for full disclosure. I get that there may be legitimate reasons to employ Photoshop to hide art. If tattoos are an issue for someone planning a visit, it’s in their best interest to contact the ladies they may be interested in beforehand and ask if there’s any hidden art. I doubt any of the ladies would answer dishonestly.

I’m especially glad to see Perla in this discussion. I had the absolute pleasure of discussing tattoos with Perla, (amongst other “high-flying” things, eh Perla?… wink-wink!), last Monday evening in the bar. When perusing Perla’s profile before my visit, I took notice of her extensive body art. Admittedly, I was initially intimidated by all the art, but not turned off. I could tell the majority of her art was intricate, colorful, and well done, and that meant she invested a lot of money, pain, and time into painting her body. I accepted it as one of her passions.

But one of her tattoos appeared, well, kinda odd when taken in context with the rest of her art. So as a result of that, it was a topic I could ask her about when getting to know her. Turns out we had a good laugh over it. It’s one she’s outgrown and is in the process of having removed. But she isn’t hiding it in her pictures and I respect her for that. The conversation was delightful and one of the highlights of my visit. Had I not talked to her about that particular tattoo, or had I looked at all her art and thought this lady is just not for me and therefore why bother with her, I would have never experienced how incredibly charming she is.

I talked to as many women as I could at Sheri’s. I found all the women fascinating, and each one on their own merit. Some have art, some don’t. Body art or not, it’s only a small fraction of whom she is. Just my two cents, but to deny a beautiful woman a chance of making a connection because she has art seems unfair to both parties. How do you know you might just have the best sexual experience of your life with a woman covered in tattoos? Life is cruelly short, don’t let tattoos stand in your way!

Final thought: Maybe next time any of us are at Sheri’s hoping to find that one special lady for the ultimate experience, let’s imagine we’re all art blind. We may be surprised whose arms and legs we ultimately find ourselves entwined.

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