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    End of June I partied with Electra Rayne she is a porn star and director and she was really good ,my only complaint was a hairy pussy as I’m more turned on by landing strip or bald kitty, but I had a great time with her and after while hanging in bar area we chatted as she was really nice to just talk to as I was staying at the hotel for a few days.
    then next night kept turning down the other ladies until I saw Kennedy Wood come in the bar and dam my dick woke up and then some other guy went on a walk with her so I ordered dinner and she came back and some other guy got her again but she returned like 15 min later and I then went over to her as it was my last night at hotel as I was leaving vegas in early afternoon so went her her room she made me feel very relaxed and actually sat on the couch and put her great legs on my lap and played with them while we negotiated and ended up have a party in her room all I can say don’t stop licking unless she tells you too…lol so yea had a great time with her and can’t wait to party with Kennedy Wood again next time I’m in vegas but it definitely will be longer than the first time


    Sounds like a good trip to the ranch, ren.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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