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Sheri’s Ranch has a maximum of 24 Courtesans appearing simultaneously, but there are only a maximum of 10 at the brothel next door.

This Week’s Lineup: http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx

Scheduled Ladies Coming Soon: http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx

The following services are exclusively available at Sheri’s Ranch.

The Valley Inn Lounge at Sheri’s Ranch serves food and drinks throughout the day. http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/sports-bar-and-restaurant.aspx

Sheri’s Ranch maintains a 10 room guest Hotel. http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/

Sheri’s Ranch has 5 VIP Bungalow Suites that are exclusive cottages separate from the main brothel building for extremely private parties. http://www.sherisranch.com/vip-bungalows/default.aspx

Sheri’s Playland, Bungalow 6, offers clients highly detailed and immersive erotic role play scenarios. http://www.sherisranch.com/vip-bungalows/sex-role-play-at-sheris-play-land.aspx

Sheri’s Ranch offers clients a special NURU Massage Room. http://www.sherisranch.com/nuru-massage/

Sheri’s Ranch offers clients exclusive Sex Vacation Packages. http://www.sherisranch.com/adult-sex-vacation/

The above are listed a few of the extra services exclusively available at Sheri’s Ranch.

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