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I love women’s breasts. I love all of women, and I love women’s breasts to be natural.
And I guess I should say I like smaller breasts. So getting surgery just to be bigger means nothing to me.
But kissing and rubbing my lips and eyes and nose on any breast, large or small, is wonderful. The breast is next to the heart of a woman, next to where her breath comes and goes. I love the feel of her pleasured breathing.
That’s why I like natural. I want what I’m feeling to be all her. All her real body, with an even, smooth texture everywhere I can see and feel.
I don’t like the idea that I’ll feel some artificial thickness or density or scarring.
Having said all that, if the augmentation process is so good that I don’t know the difference, then I suppose I don’t care!
Thank you for asking, Amber Lynn,

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