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Funny questions…

The answers to the first questions need to be answered by the individual ladies. Yes, protection is used when any fluids are shared but the Nuru room questions are determined by the individual ladies. However, I have to say that I wouldn’t want to be wearing any clothes in the Nuru room, they would get very messy and the experience wouldn’t be quite as amazing.

As for playing Nintendo 64, well, I don’t think we would really be able to hook up the system to our TVs. Most of the ladies who have their own TVs with larger monitors would have HD TVs and they don’t work with the older gaming consoles. And the older TVs in our room would be very difficult to attach to and then harder even to see because they are pretty small and I also think they may be HD TVs. Hate to sound like I’m raining on the day but maybe just bring in a Gameboy? Ummm, they do have those still nowadays right?

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