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After 10 minutes the ladies are supposed to give you a chance to meet the other ladies available. If before the 10 minutes are up you would like to take a tour with the lady and go back to her room because you are interested in possibly partying all you need to do is let her know. If you would like more time with a lady in the bar you can ask and that might be possible but it may depend on a couple things like how busy of a night it is, is there anyone else that might be waiting for their chance to meet you, or to meet them. Remember that if they are not able to spend more time it’s because that is the rule. If they are able to spend more time be thankful because someone is letting a rule bend. If you want to wait a little bit to think it over that is also ok. I have had some wonderful parties by meeting all the ladies in the bar that night and then asking one that I met earlier to come back and talk some more. You may also see some people who come in and they seem to spend a very long time with a lady or a few ladies. Odds are they are a regular to the lady or to Sheri’s or just finished a party. If you see a lady you are interested in talking to someone else for a while ask the hostess if they are available. If she doesn’t know right away she will find out. If the lady is available she will be right over.

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