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Hiya LOVE, Top majority OF Sheris girl’s do not smoke TOBACCO. BUT with that being said there are however SOME people in the world that do have, A “SMOKE FETISHES!” And want a PINUP MODEL/Sheris “courtesan” To Blow smoke in their face. I do not mind doing that. I have a Fetish for guys who smoke or puff on Cigars, Yup that gets me excited and hot in all the right spots.
I myself enjoy seeing a man who puffs on a #CUBANO with out it even being fired up.
(Why)because it tells that they like sweet things in their mouth! AND AFTER ALL CUBAN TOBACCO is grown in the gorgeous soil of “MOTHER NATURE” MMHHMM…
But for the most part I will never buy a Pack of smokes.
MY BODY IS MY TEMPLE, and I am always only wanting it worshipped and fed healthy good things, and I believe that unnatural chemicals come out of every hole in the body
and through the hair.

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