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Welcome Danny, sorry your first experience wasn’t everything you had hoped, but you’re definitely in the right place and you’ve learned from the first round.

Now on to your question, I’m not sure why you would feel embarassed talking to any of the ladies in the bar, regardless of age. It really is just a number, especially at the ranch, nobody there is going to judge you. Men of all ages visit the ranch and talk to ladies of all ages, that’s one of the great things about it. I defintely wouldn’t recommend doing a lineup, if you have a few ladies in mind, tell the hostess when you arrive which ones you would like to visit with and then choose from there, if you don’t have a short list, the ladies will come to you until you find the right one. Additionally, there is no reason to be nervous as your talking to the lady about what you want during your party, there is an excellent chance whatever is on your mind they have heard or done many times before and if you don’t tell them then they can’t make it happen for you. Sheri’s is the place to make your dreams come true, it has happened for me many times, good luck!

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