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Angel Parr

Hello There,
I just wanted to provide a ladies perspective for you. I obviously can’t speak for all the ladies but for the biggest part of us, age means absolutely nothing in here, assuming that you’re over 21 of course lol! The only thing that we care about is that you are a gentleman and mind the rules, as long as you treat us ladies with respect your age, height, weight, experience, and or martial status wont have any baring on how the ladies will react to you speaking with them. We are all here to ensure that our clients have the best time that we can provide, leave here with nothing more than happy memories, and are eager to come back!
So on your next trip out here you should try doing the speed date in the bar as apposed to making an appointment, this way you can sit and relax for as long as you need to and will get a chance to meet all of the ladies, and let us put your concerns at bay!

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