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Aurora accepted her drink and scanned the crowded bar. She sauntered over to the last half circle booth in the corner and sat down gracefully. The booth faced the entire room where she could watch everything going and coming. Her thoughts raced to Evangelines statement. How and when did she get off? How far could she go, she was the one in charge, it never occurred to her someone else might be. Could she go with that? Could she relinquish control and let another do to her body what she had done to others? The mere thought of it made her dampen between her silky thighs. Slowly she raised her eyes and saw the beautiful bartender grinning at her , she met the look and with a slow deliberate hand raised her drink and toasted the lady behind the bar. Evangeline mouthed to Aurora, “It’s on pet”,. Aurora nodded and her left hand moved from the table and she placed it under the table and drug her nails faintly up and down her inner thigh.
On her left she saw a gentleman approaching her table. He had smoldering eyes but the weren’t dark brown as you looked into them they were the softest color of amber with gold flakes, His skin a light olive color just touched by a perpetual tan. He stood about 6’2″ and she guessed He weighed about 180. Broad shoulders, narrow hips, long legs. His nose was a little off center but gave His face character, lips full and tinged naturally red. The kind of lips that could drive you insane, a pouty lower lip just meant for nibbling on. Geezus He was hot. He approached the table and Aurora looked at Him. He gazed back and something in His look stirred a flutter in her stomach. He opened His mouth and in a low baritone voice He said “you have had a view now lower your eyes until I tell you different”. Aurora lowered her eyes, in her mind she wondered what kind of place had she stumbled into?

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