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Sheri’s Courtesans don’t take it personal if a client prefers another Lady, since it’s just business. If you’re talking with a Lady and decide that she’s not for you, simply thank her for her time informing her that you wish to talk to other Ladies. Then walk away unless you wish to continue to occupy a table or barstool. I wouldn’t ask the Lady that you just rejected to inform the first Lady you want to talk to her again though, but it’s not uncommon for clients to use that approach. When you first arrive, you may ask the Hostess to send over all the Courtesans in the bar to your table at five minute intervals.

If you decide after talking to five Ladies that you prefer the first one, either approach her directly or ask the hostess if you may see a particular Lady again. You may ask the first Lady to converse a few more minutes or request to be taken to her room for negotiations. I usually approach a Courtesan directly rather than have a Hostess intervene. The 10 minute rule is not normally enacted unless there are clients waiting to talk to certain Ladies.

I treat the Ladies with respect as I would a girlfriend. I’m polite, respectfully flirtatious, and never display any displeasure or annoyance with a Lady.

If the Courtesan you prefer is not currently in the bar, you may ask the Hostess to summon her; however, I would only ask her to return if I were really seriously considering her. The Ladies are in the bar to attract clients, so they don’t mind being interrupted if they’re talking to other Courtesans.

If the Courtesan you prefer is talking to another client, you’ll have to ask the Hostess to send her over to your table when she’s free since it’s taboo to interrupt a Courtesan in the company of another client.

There are always Courtesans available to party even on the days that they’re being tested. They don’t completely shutdown the brothel for STD testing. I wore my surgical scrubs to Sheri’s Ranch one day and told the Ladies that I was the new doctor sent over to perform vaginal examinations, but unfortunately they knew I was lying.

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