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Hi, My name’s Jeffrey…I have been a lurker in this place for many years now. I am thankful that I’m a nobody. There is no way that I would ever be allowed to witness the crazy shit that goes on in this place if anyone would ever truly “SEE” me.

That being said, I wonder, who do I warn?

Evangaline is so incredibly sexy and at times even appears to be innocent with her angelic blonde appeal. Hmmph, angelic, that’s the last word I would use to describe her after watching her for a bit. Then there’s William; the women believe he is tall, dark, and handsome. I just know that he is Dangerous.

All of a minute this new female walks in and instead of one or the other trying to manipulate her for fun, they both are.

But I just have to shake my head…

While they think they are in charge, they have limited their scope within this dark world of control for the last few years. And while I don’t get to join into all the festivities, I have been around enough other places to know that this new female, Aurora, is a big player and I can only wait for the fireworks.

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