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Stepping back Aurora surveys the cabinet against the far wall. Oh what a variety of items displayed. All manner of interesting articles both for pain and pleasure. Deciding first is a chore, finally Aurora see the perfect object. Leather straps with silver buckles and a ornate cylindrical cage with small nubs inside, not sharp but enough to be suitable irritating to its wearer. Taking the deliciously evil item in her delicate hand she saunters towards William. Placing her hand on his muscular thighs she lowers her body before Him. Blowing softly against His semi erect cock raises the leather strap and with firm slaps strikes His cock. The immediate reaction is music to her ears. The groan escaping His lips is orgasmic. She slides the cage over the cock and straps it firmly in place. Williams cock is entrapped in the cage which never allows the cock to become fully hard and when is swells the nubs apply pressure to cause William annoying, mind distracting pain. Looking at the time Aurora realizes it is closing and Evangeline will be getting off. Aurora retrieves a satin lined blindfold and places it securely over Williams eyes it is followed by a medium sized ball gag strapped around His head. Dragging her nails across His chest she decides to add 1 more article and reaches for the weighted nipple clamps. Teasing the nipples into hard pebbles she clamps them firmly. Leaning forward she whispers in His ear “Don’t go away now”, kisses His forehead and leaves the room. Aurora walks into the bar and Evangeline is just locking the door, the bar completely void of patrons. Music still lightly thumping in the background. Evangeline looks up and in the moment a surprised, stunned look crosses her face. She stammers “Where is William?” Aurora smiles and motions to the back door she just came through. Evangeline turns and heads to go through the door and as she passes Aurora, Aurora reaches out wraps her hand in Evangeline’s hair and pulls sharply backwards. This cause a wince and an immediate stop to Evangelines forward progress. Aurora maintains the tautness and forces Evangeline to turn and face her. Locking eyes Aurora leans in and firmly presses her lips to the stunned woman. He will wait till we are better acquainted.

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