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Angel Parr

I think my answer may be a bit different than the popular belief system but I’ll add my two cents anyways, cause I dont mind being different lol! I have worked on both sides as well as Allissa so I can speak on both aspects of things.
Working on the street is as safe or as dangerous as your knowledge will allow it to be. If you dont know what you’re doing, or dont have a friends who does, do not get close to this industry on the street level, you will be in for a very long and hard road. If you dont know how to drive a Semi truck you’re not just going to jump behind the wheel and hit the highway, if you do, you’re probably going to die…and quickly. However, with the proper training you can run coast to coast and be just fine. This industry is the same as any job with risk, if you’re smart and know the rules you’ll be just fine, if you’re just in it because it sounds like a great way to get some quick cash and you’re impressed by the glitz and glam, well you’re probably not going to get to far. The problem with the illegal side of things is all of the underage girls, and those being forced into it, that the only reason that its illegal, or even a concern. Certain people take a good thing and make it bad, then it has this stigmata hanging over it for ever, its a shame but its life. Working in a brothel has its ups and downs, as does everything in life, its up to you as an individual to decide which is the best and safest option for you.

In a brothel the ups are,
You have security on site at all times, and tend to get higher quality clients, which means less problems
You dont have to worry about going to jail
You dont have to worry about getting robbed
You can avoid “Pimping” (kinda)
You get a paycheck, so you are making honest money
The downs are,
You have to wait for security to get to your room instead of using your own weapon in case of need. Its usually takes them around 15-30 second to get to you, and a lot can happen in that time under the right circumstances. (these are still rare)
You have to watch your room and your belonging closely because of how many people come in and out of here
You will have one of the most serious pimps I’ve ever known, lol the staff don’t play, and the house will always make more than you.
You get a paycheck so you have to file taxes and account for all of your money. (oh a good point with that is, EVERYTHING is a tax right off, like really EVERYTHING!)

I do not promote working either illegally or legally, if at all possible I will always tell a young lady considering this industry to try other options. This should always be a last resort and a stepping stone, but if you decide to use this stepping stone then it is up to you to make your path. Don’t let anyone influence your decision one way or another, its your life, and your body, and as soon as you get close to this industry you will find that most people are trying to see what they can get out of you and how they can manipulate you. Nothing is for everyone, you have to look at your lifestyle and see what you can do with it, what fits best into your schedule and makes you the most comfortable. I wish you the best of luck in your ventures, and how you have a safe and blessed path, just know whichever you decide, its going to be a bumpy road and you’re gonna see a few mud puddles, so put your big girl boots on get ready for one of the most interesting, exciting, and lucrative times in your life! This is one hell of a ride, and most dont make it through, dont be a statistic!

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