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I agree completely with Eddie S. that there is no logical reason why prostitution should not be legal, but regulated in the U.S. I believe it was George Carlin who argued something like it is legal to have sex and encouraged to do business, so it makes no sense that paying for sex (and companionship) should be illegal. Legalizing and regulating prostitution would make what happens anyway safer for everyone involved and would generate tax revenue.

I do understand Angel’s point and it is a consideration I had not taken into account. Perhaps Diesel’s suggestion of a limited number of regulated brothels would help solve the problem of flooding the market. Also, I would think high quality courtesans like Angel Parr and the other ladies of Sheri’s would still make a premium. Customers get what they pay for.

So from a policy standpoint banning prostitution is not just stupid but wrong — each of us has a right to express ourselves sexually and use our bodies in a manner that does no harm to anyone else. From a market standpoint, Angel adds a great insight that not just regulation but some enforced scarcity would be a good thing.

At least that is my long-winded two cents.

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