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Angel’s thoughts are spot-on. He made a disturbing amount of snap judgments and generalizations in his video which just made it seem like he didn’t bother to learn about people or their situations. Apparently, all the guys he saw were “obnoxious douchebags” or “brutes,” and he just learned that by driving past them in a car. Everything to him was clear-cut: any guy with a woman doesn’t deserve her as much as he did.

I’m making an educated guess, but i’d have to say that a courtesan would not have helped because he didn’t see people as individuals. When we log on to the forum or decide to party with a lady, we enjoy many different aspects that Rodger would not understand. Clients don’t just chase after looks, they want a woman with a complementary personality whom they would like to learn about. To the shooter, that would be a foreign concept.

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