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I went to Sheri’s for my first time last week and was very nervous as well. I second hoochie coochie man. Just do it. Once you get yourself through the door, the rest will be great. These ladies are pros and will take care of you. Everyone is super friendly and non-judgemental. If it reassures you any – I have ED due to a side effect of some medication I take, and really need to take Viagra or Cialis to get things going. I’m also no spring chicken (50 yrs). So I had some performance anxiety and also some worries about the ED thing (“what if the Viagra doesn’t work this time?!?”). Not saying that’s your problem but it is mine, with potential for major embarrassment. The reason I tell you that is that never once did the ladies make me feel anything but welcome and wanted. They were very understanding and in fact they were a great help in overcoming the issue. Just get yourself there and work up the nerve walk through the door. It will be fine, and you will have a great time. I can’t wait to go back next time I get to Vegas!

As for STDs – they are very serious about condom usage, and also very serious about inspecting their clientele for any sign of infection. Nothing is without risk, but I expect this is about the closest you can get outside of monogamy. You’d probably be vastly more likely to pick something up in a random tryst with a “civilian” from a bar or something.

Hope that helps! Just do it!


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