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Angel Parr

“I have a bit of a conversation to have with you miss Evangeline” Aurora finished as she shoved her to her knees before her, dumfounding the once dominate Evangeline and forcing her into a erotic submission she never thought she would or could travel to. As Aurora placed hard metallic handcuffs tight on her wrists and began hog tying her, legs into cuffs, she began explaining her morbid, dirty, tainted thoughts. “Tonight you are my test subjects, he will feel slight discomfort, and perhaps some pleasure, but you, you will feel the full wrath of my diluted fantasies. You will show me your limits, and I will push them until you understand that you are now my property, to do with as I please, and your only job to enjoy bringing me pleasure. That is your only purpose, and what a beautiful purpose you have with me. Are you ready for me to show you what you deserve?”
Timidly she tried to reply, yes, I am yours, but I’ve never been anything but dominate before and I’m not sure of my limits. She attempted to explain, but all she got out was “yes, I am yours But I…” before Aurora shoved a gag into her mouth and let her fun begin.

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